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COFFEE IN PARIS: 5 Pailles , 79 Rue Faubourg Saint Denis 75010

5 pailles coffee shop in paris blog review

5 PAILLES PARIS – is a big specialty coffee shop on the hip street, rue fb saint Denis. Home to already many cool places to eat out, snack or have cocktails.

The cafe is new and on first appearances may seem small from the outside – but once you get in you’ll be surprised at the impeccably designed space that leads to a bigger room at the back past the barista counter.

The more I got to chatting to the team – it was clear that this venture was one based in love. The concept is simple – 5 friends with a passion for travel coffee and design.

When I went past 5Pailles coffee shop the first time I was in a rush the first time on my bike and wanted to make it in time to pick up my son from school. oh the excitement every time I discover a new opening – hip hip hooray for the massive growth of the Paris coffee shop culture!


So for the next time, I really was not in a rush and could have a moment of me time. I went here on a coffee break from the office. Walked right into another food blogger in Paris and a friend of mine also discovering the space for the first time – CakeboyinParis. We got to chatting and I spent a delightful hour talking about vacations, life in paris and of course cakes!

The name 5 Pailles, mean 5 straws and comes from a movie scene where 5 friends are having a discussion in a cafe – but have finished their drinks and because the bar man wants them to either leave or order more he says to them “And ladies what are you having” and one in particular responds “A coffee with 5 straws madame” – this starts a ruckus of course …and the full scene is below – quite funny if you understand french 🙂

As for the deets of the coffee shop …



You’ll find salads, sandwiches and lots of pastries on the menu like the warm cinnabun



The usual suspects: from Belleville Roasters – made in any which way from a flattie to a double shot.



Lots of light out front and super cosy in the back. Uber design focused all around that will make you want to stay.

WI-FI – so you can work a bit on your freelance project you’ve been procrastinating about

Fidelity Card – so you can reward yourself for every time you get a coffee – with a free coffee at the end of the card.




GO by on the 29th for their official opening event – when you can try the coffee and they’ll have goodie too!

Check out their Facebook page



79 Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis, Paris 75010



Chateau D’eau – line 4



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