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This December in Paris is full of tradition (the trees are out everywhere!) and also some major shifts (the transportation strike!).

The weather is super cold; so yes pack that down jacket or wool coat.

Oui ca va faire froid mes amis!

It’s already freezing and the Thursday, December 5 public transportation strike is no joke, people are taking days off from work… MORE details on that here

The usual wintery shenanigans are in order – thank God!

I’ve already started to eat way too much Galette des Rois – merci Picard!

Christmas Trees in Paris

Christmas Tree at Place Vendome

The Christmas trees are out for all the kiddies!

Galeries Lafayette has a massive bee themed one and if you can stand heights you can almost touch it from the suspended GLASSWALK.

Place Vendome has some pointy carefully shaped trees looking like they are from a movie.  

Le Bon Marche has a nice tree set up too inside their instore decor

The BHV has a traditional window display and French Christmas theme in the Marais

Les Halles Shopping center also has a pretty big tree 

Passages and Covered Galeries in Paris

It’s cold so you may want to spend some time hopping in and out of the beautiful covered Passages/Galleries such as Passage de Grand Cerf more in this video guide of the 2nd Arr

Galeries Vero Dodat – home to one of the cutest Christian Louboutin stores.

Galerie Vivienne – Iconic passage that gets photographed a lot on Instagram and the floor tiles are exquisite.  

Passage Brady – everything Indian and some holistic shops where you can find incense and healing stones 

Bakeries during the holidays

Photo from our PARIS PASTY TOUR

As the Queen of the “Baguette Belly” here are my bakeries that you’ll enjoy the best baguettes and pastries in the holidays

SAIN – traditional fresh bread made with heavier wheat – so easier to digest

Du Pain et des Idees – a local (and now international) favorite 

Stohrer – the oldest bakery in Paris and one of my favorite for also catering orders of the best french appetizers …shhh don’t tell anyone!

Chambelland – because it does exists the glutenfree bread in Paris! 

Boneshaker – because nothing beats the flavor combos

Worthwhile Bookshops in Paris

Books outside at Shakespeare and Co

Bookshops that you’ll love to discover or linger on your next trip:

Shakespeare and Co is just across from Notre Dame. Has a lot of history and one of the cutest little places you’ll visitDelmain is across from the Louvre and is one of my favorite places to also get postcards

WH Smith because “I like big bbbbooks and I cannot lie!” – the magazine section is also insane. You can also enjoy tea upstairs. Halles Saint Pierre because it’s a bit grungy alternative and off the beaten path. 

What are the best neighborhoods to stay in Paris?

All of the “arrondissements” aka our versions of neighborhoods are good. But if you’re booking a place in the 14th (75014) arrondissement you are not very central, but it is a safe more community-oriented area. My must-visit neighborhoods for 1st-time travelers: The Marais, Montmartre – or ask me to create a travel plan and itinerary for you! (insert link) 

Some of the best hotels now can be found here

Where to eat in Paris?

Dinner at the Bar at Le Grand Bain

The Holiday restaurant list:

La RivieraAddress: 118 Rue la Fayette, 75010 Paris
Thin crusted pizza and Italian typical food and fresh colorful decor. 

NordNordAddress: 80 Rue Riquet, 75018 Paris
in the up and coming neighborhood in the north of Paris close to Marx Dormy this restaurant is becoming a powerhouse

Le Grand BainAddress: 14 Rue Denoyez, 75020 Paris
is great for the bourgeoning French Bistronomy scene with some great wines

Gyoza BarAddress: 56 Passage des Panoramas, 75002 Paris
the yummiest dumplings ever! I had the vegetarian option and my friend had the “classic” with porc. Had some Edamame on the side. The upstairs decor is minimalist and downstairs you can find a bar that serves up some fancy cocktails.

Vegetarian – Abattoir Vegetal opened a new place in Saint Germain de Pres 


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Lucie from COVEN with Yanique at the Kickstarter launch party

COVEN the new feminist bookshop soon to open has launched their Kickstarter – you can support and show some love here

For all the Arts and Culture lovers – you know you can book a last-minute ticket to the Opera for 25 euros, right?

Degas an l’Opera is on show at the Musee Dorsay Charlie Chaplin at Philhamonique Charlotte Perriand at Fondation Louis Vuitton 

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Overall Paris is great time to visit (even if we have a strike on right now) it’s still quite festive.


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