News: Join me at the American Library in Paris

Hello loves, I’m back from a few days off the gram and online presence (even though I have still been working!) to say you can join me and group of amazing afro locals and expats to talk about life in Paris at the American Library in Paris.

Perfect to celebrate Black History Month in Paris this February 5, 2020.

The panel is called Black ou Noir(e): A Panel on Black Expats and Belonging in Paris and I’m excited to talk about my life; specifically the cultural and color differences from my last 13 years here.

From the organizers:

Picking up the thread from the Library’s exceptionally well-attended February 2019 panel on mixed race and identity, this public panel, moderated by Tarani Merriweather and featuring discussants Jacqueline Ngo Mpii, Yanique Francis, and Maya Dorsey, will explore questions related to how Black expats define their racial identity in France. What impact can language and vocabulary have on an individual’s sense of identity and belonging? How does this differ when they relocate or become expats? How are they perceived in their new communities, and by locals? What are the commonalities among Black French and Black Americans in reclaiming language and identity and in seeking inclusion, equity, and justice? In a country where acknowledging race is taboo, but gender issues are openly debated, how do Black women acknowledge the intersections of these two salient identities?

Tarani Merriweather is a PhD candidate in Social-Organizational Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University in New York, where she also completed her Masters. A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, Tarani received her BA in Psychology from Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia. She is presently living in Paris, completing her dissertation, which applies an intersectional lens to the study of gender and leadership.

Behind the rise of the Little Africa enterprise is its founder and CEO, Jacqueline NGO MPII. She is the cultural ambassador for Paris’s cosmopolitan community of Afro-Parisian entrepreneurs – who are fusing these two vibrant cultures to create magic in food, art, and fashion. Little Africa is a sustainable and inclusive enterprise whose mission is to help connect individuals and corporations to African culture in Paris.

Yanique Francis is an Event planner, Travel consultant, and the founding creative director of My Parisian LAB @myparisianlife @elopeinparis @parisfoodiebag and a writer for HuffPost and Travel + Leisure.

Maya Dorsey is a California- bred, adopted Parisienne and proud citizen of the world. With a wealth of knowledge and resources accumulated from her six years living in Paris, Maya is happy to make your visit or move to Paris as seamless as possible. With her experiences ranging from first-time visitor, to Masters student, to joining the workforce as a full-fledged expat, Maya can help make your dreams in Paris a reality.
Website :
Instagram: @lavielocale

Evenings with Authors and other weeknight programs at the Library are free and open to the public (except as noted) thanks to support from GRoW @ Annenberg, our members, and those who attend programs. There is a suggested donation of ten euros for non-members. Doors open at 19h00.

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