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8 French Style White Shirts to try now

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Living in Paris my work uniform is pretty much french button-down shirts and denim for when I have no time, and dresses for when I do have the time or the weather is nice out. I have been known to wear all three together – don’t judge me; as much as I love the classical french girl style I love to play with my clothes. I am very anti-Marie Kondo-esque. Wait until you all see my wardrobe.

oh mon dieu!

Yanique photo by Tara

It’s the one part of my life that no matter what, I cant seem to downsize; I have tried over the years and it always gets filled back up. I live in a magical city that is perfect for fashion lovers. So it sort of hit me that I own “beaucoup de chemise blancs” et voila my gift to you my friends especially because we can’t really travel right now, is to let you into the French white shirts that are in full swing in Pareeee.

Yanique photo by Tara

I like to wear mines a bit oversize, how to you like to wear yours? In the photo above I am wearing a Zara white shirt and Hermes scarf.

Alain Figaret

Created in 1968, this high end brand is a reference for Mens French shirts here. They have now started to propose women shirts too.

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Galeries Lafayette Collection

In-store brands from the coolest big boutique in Paris mean quality at more affordable prices and that’s why I am in love with the Galeries Lafayette in-store selection of white shirts every single year!

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The most talented designers right now pretty much just made this shirt in the style that almost all women where their shirts here, a bit open and super sexy.

JACQUEMUS — La chemise Bahia asymétrique

The Kooples

Its only fitting that the brand that prides themself in having outfits for the “coupled” wardrobe would make the list!

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Saint Laurent

When Yves made the first female safari high Fashion suit, many women were already switching up the top with white button-downs from Le Smoking look so this one is no surprise.

A fine addition to any work wear wardrobe is a nice poplin white shirt, right? and Saint Laurent does a great job here.

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Always had my heart for the clean-cut leather handbags and standard sort of hardcore denim you see the bike dude (wait let me say the Mash biker dudes because theres a big trend here of these bikes in latter years)

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Maison 123

I have been seeing around for a while and decided to give them a better look this year! Whew chile, their entire collection is quality and every design is denim pants ready.

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Agnes B

You may already know the Agnes B logo tees; you’ll see them all around in the summertime with nice white pants all over Paris, but the brand is one of my faves for button-downs and menswear. Their store agnès b. jour homme is one of my best spots to also get inspired from the art and music scene. I’d spend whatever extra minutes here before I run to pick up Pierre a few streets over from school. 3 Rue du Jour, 75001 Paris

Cant get to Paris right now?

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