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Notable Parisian Fashion Brands 

The Parisian girl style is not just a trend to be worn for a season, but it’s a lifestyle. The parisian look is characterized by neutral colors, clean lines, and timeless basics. The French girl does not try too hard. She is effortless and timeless, adding only one accident piece such as a red lip or a scarf.  

To achieve the French girl style you need to know which brands will help you master it. That’s why I have made an article for you my lovelies, sharing with you my favorite French high street fashion brands. So continue reading with me and let’s discover the most notable Parisian fashion brands to date   


A brand that has become internationally loved by many to capture the ultimate Parisian girl style, Sezane is a brand not to be missed! Starting as an online store it quickly grew in popularity which led to the first L’appartement Sezane in Paris! The brand is not only clothing… it’s everything from shoes, leather goods,  jewelry, and home decor. 

Sezane is the perfect destination to live out your Parisian girl dreams. Ladies, don’t worry about ever getting bored with the styles, Sezane releases a new collection each month. Every new collection brings more inspiration and life to your wardrobe. Also, another fun perk is that Sezane can be found even in one of the biggest department stores in Paris Le Bon Marche!  

Sezane website


Ba&sh is a brand that empowers the inner French women in all of us. Two women with a love for fashion, Barbara and Sharon started Ba&sh a French brand “for women by women”, and this truly shows through their clothing. Both worked in completely different careers before Ba&sh, one in PR and the other as a lawyer they were inspired to create a wardrobe that was inspiring and uplifting, and voila Ba&sh was created! 

Ba&sh is always thinking ahead and what they can be creating next. They both find inspiration from their daily lives, travel, friends, art, film and so much more. Barabra and  Sharon say that the brand evolves with them but what stays true to the style is to have “an effortless French sexiness with confident femininity”. So while in Paris don’t forget to stop by Ba&sh while shopping in Le Marais and check out the new collection! 

Ba&sh website

Zadig & Voltaire  

If you are looking for a French brand wanting you to embrace your own personal style, feel free to express yourself through clothing… Zadig Voltaire is the brand for you! The brand’s mission is to have “freedom of expression” and that brand philosophy is woven into every article of clothing that is produced. 

If you want to channel your inner confidence to fuel your well being then through the Zadig Voltaire collections you will be able to do exactly that. Remember every sweater, every blouse, every slack, and every handbag you will find in the store (or) online the brand’s mission is to “Love yourself, and that you are capable of anything”! When you look good you feel good! That is why finding your personal French girl style is so important, and fashion brands like Zadig Voltaire assist us with that. 

You will see almost every other Parisian woman in her 20s with a Zadig Rock handbag

Zadig & Voltaire website


Maje, is one of the first French brands to close the gap between average clothing stores and luxury fashion. It’s a brand that allows women from different walks of life to achieve the french girl look without having to spend their entire paycheck. Founder Judith Milgrom started Maje so that women could enjoy the simple pleasures of finding one’s personality through style.

The Maje style embodies modernity and quirkiness together, and can be found in authentic pieces with distinctive details. The purpose behind wearing Maje is to achieve the understated, feminine, glamorously bold style that is inside every Parisian girl. That is why with every collection you will experience a different characteristic of the French women and their style. Make sure to visit Maje in Paris and discover it for yourself!   

Isabel Marant 

If you’re looking for a french style that embodies all the characteristics of a French woman, then Isabel Marant is the Fashion  Brand for you. Started by Isabel Marant, she grew  her love for fashion because she  yearned  to find clothes that she enjoyed wearing and felt confident in at the same time. Isabel Marant began her journey at 16 years old. She started Immersing herself in the world of design and fashion as a teenager and hasn’t looked back since. 

Isabel Marant’s style is one that speaks to all women alike. The brand identity that she has created is bohemian with fervently coveted creations. The purpose is to embody a casual, perfectly tousled, but never over thinking all the details. Like a true french woman, don’t ever look like you’ve tried too hard. Everything should be  effortless and natural.  


Started by the fashion icon, Jeanne Damas. Rouje is a French brand that has boomed in the past five years, not only in France but around the world. Ironically though Jeanne Damas wants to remove the cliche of “French girl style”, and she wants to make dressing effortlessly with style accessible to women around the world. 

Damas wants Rouge to not be considered a  brand conveying only  Parisienne style. She wants a brand that dresses all the innovative cool women who have a passion to dress to impress themselves. Jeanne has developed a lifestyle, not a brand. She has everything from ready-to-wear, jewelry, leather goods, shoes, makeup, fragrance, and even a restaurant in Paris called “Chez Jeanne. Rouge is a French-owned brand that was…” made for women, for women”. 

Rouje website

Comptoir des Cotonniers

Comptoir des Cotonniers is a brand with a unique identity. Starting in the ’90s, Comptoir des Cotonniers was the first brand to adopt the “mother-daughter” campaign in France. The name of the brand translated into English is “The cotton trading post”. The name was meant to encapsulate the strong roots of French women from all walks of life. 

The brand’s mission is to be classic with signature pieces that are both ancestral and timeless. Comptoir des Cotonniers has four values they stand by, Honesty: the guarantee you will always find your basics, Independence: to have the ability to express yourself,  Appeal: to feel good both on the inside and outside, and last but not least Spirit: reimagining the classics and bringing them to life. 

Comptoir des Cotonniers website


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