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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Hotels for Solo Travelers in Paris

best solo hotels paris

Paris is for everyone! Solo travel in France is so easy and a gift to yourself you will never regret. Take the trip!  The City of Light is a dream destination for solo travelers like you seeking adventure, culture, and romance. With its stunning architecture, world-renowned cuisine, and vibrant art scene, Paris offers a plethora of options for those exploring the city on their own. I’ve been welcoming solo travelers for years with my services and tours. To make your solo trip truly memorable, I have compiled a list of the best hotels in Paris that cater to the needs and preferences of solo travelers. Broken down also by Age and Location. Whether you prefer a boutique hotel with a cozy atmosphere or a trendy establishment with a lively ambiance, we’ve got you covered. On y va! as we dive into the top hotels to stay for solo travelers in Paris.


Hotel Sookie: (LE MARAIS)

  1. Situated in the heart of the charming Marais district, Sookie Hotel offers a boutique experience perfect for solo travelers seeking tranquility. A small hotel with an in-house coffee shop is perfectly located from one of the best wine bars in Paris and also a 5 min walk from Place des Vosges and Marche des Enfants Rouge.  An ideal base for exploring the city at your own pace. BOOK THIS HOTEL ON BOOKING.COM

Hotel Duo: (LE MARAIS)

  1. Nestled in the vibrant Marais district, Hotel Duo is a contemporary hotel that blends modern design with classic Parisian charm. Its chic rooms, equipped with all the necessary amenities, provide a comfortable retreat after a day of sightseeing. I heard that 10 years ago it wasn’t such a good fit, but I recently had a client staying there that had a medium-sized room (rare for Paris) and was just across the street from BHV Marais and 3mins walk to the Seine River. With the lively neighborhood on your doorstep, you’ll find yourself surrounded by trendy boutiques, art galleries, and hip cafes, ensuring you never run out of things to do or places to explore. BOOK THIS HOTEL ON BOOKING.COM

Hotel Pavillon de la Reine: (LE MARAIS)

  1. Also located in Le Marais district, Hotel Pavillon de la Reine offers a luxurious experience for solo travelers seeking elegance and refinement. Housed in a restored 17th-century building, this boutique hotel boasts spacious rooms with exquisite decor and top-notch facilities. Its serene courtyard garden provides a peaceful escape from the bustling city, offering a tranquil environment to unwind after a day of exploration. They have a “serve-yourself” bar and thier restaurant is also quite good! Just across the street from Place des Vosges Park.  BOOK THIS HOTEL ON BOOKING.COM

Hotel Sinner: (LE MARAIS)

  1. For solo travelers with a taste for the avant-garde, Hotel Sinner in the vibrant Le Marais district is the perfect choice. This unique establishment combines Gothic architecture with contemporary design, creating an atmosphere that is both edgy and luxurious. Just upon entrance, you will be intrigued by the uniforms of the concierge! The hotel’s well-appointed rooms, complemented by an in-house spa and a chic rooftop bar, offer a truly indulgent experience for solo travelers looking for a touch of mystique. On a street that is easily accessible to great restaurants, bars, and galleries.  BOOK THIS HOTEL ON BOOKING.COM

Hotel Caron de Beaumarchais: (LE MARAIS)

  1. If you are looking for something a bit more traditional, Hotel Caron de Beaumarchais offers a cozy and intimate atmosphere for solo travelers. The charming rooms, adorned with elegant furnishings and vintage touches, exude a sense of old-world Parisian charm. With its excellent location near popular attractions such as Rue des Rosiers and Notre-Dame Cathedral, this hotel allows you to immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of the city. BOOK THIS HOTEL ON BOOKING.COM

Perpendicular to Rue de Rivoli – so great for a base if you want to walk around or take the metro on line 1. 

Hotel Rochechouart: (PIGALLE/MONTMARTRE)

  1. Sexy and Fun in Pigalle and bordering the trendy Montmartre district, Hotel Rochechouart combines affordability with style. This boutique hotel offers comfortable and contemporary rooms with modern amenities, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious solo travelers. Within walking distance, you’ll find iconic landmarks such as Sacré-Cœur Basilica and the Moulin Rouge, as well as vibrant cafes and lively street art, adding to the vibrant atmosphere of your stay.  A great place to also see more local life of Paris. BOOK THIS HOTEL ON BOOKING.COM 


  1. A few streets over from Rue des Abbesses, and for breathtaking views of Paris, look no further than Terrass Hotel in the artistic Montmartre neighborhood. This elegant hotel features tastefully designed rooms, a rooftop bar with panoramic vistas, and a wellness center. Solo travelers can soak in the artistic ambiance of the area, and visit nearby art studios, coffee shops, and nightlife in Pigalle.  BOOK THIS HOTEL ON BOOKING.COM
  2. Hoxton: (Grand Boulevard / SENTIER) A trendy hang-out place in Paris for local creatives. Located in the vibrant 2nd arrondissement, Hoxton Paris combines elegance with a relaxed ambiance, making it an excellent choice for solo travelers. The hotel’s stylish rooms exude contemporary charm, while its communal spaces, including a vibrant lobby and lively bar, create a social atmosphere, perfect for meeting fellow travelers. With its central location, you’ll have easy access to iconic attractions such as the Louvre Museum and Palais Royal, making your solo adventures a breeze. Also a stone’s through from Rue Strasbourg Saint Denis which is great for Foodie travelers looking for a local street to go to at night.  BOOK THIS HOTEL ON BOOKING.COM
  1. Crown Plaza Hotel Republique: (REPUBLIQUE / LE MARAIS)

Nestled in the heart of the lively République neighborhood, just across from the busy meeting place for skaters, couples, and locals. Hotel Republique offers a modern and welcoming atmosphere for solo travelers who want to use their points as rewards! The hotel’s well-appointed rooms, adorned with sleek furnishings and thoughtful amenities, ensure a comfortable stay. From here, you can explore the vibrant neighborhood, indulge in local cafes and bistros, or take a leisurely stroll to the charming Canal Saint-Martin, known for its picturesque scenery. And also Le Marais is 2 mins walk!  BOOK THIS HOTEL ON BOOKING.COM

  1. Hotel Moliere: (LOUVRE / PALAIS ROYAL)

Situated in the elegant 1st arrondissement, close to Palais Royal and The Louvre museum on a quiet street in Paris Korea town. Hotel Moliere welcomes solo travelers with its sophisticated charm and warm hospitality. This boutique hotel boasts tastefully decorated rooms that blend contemporary style with classic French accents. Its prime location near the Louvre and Palais Garnier ensures easy access to the city’s cultural treasures and some of the best Asian restaurants like Kodaya, Koawari, and Kunitoraya.  BOOK THIS HOTEL ON BOOKING.COM

  1. Hotel Chouchou: (OPERA/ PIGALLE)

 Hotel Chouchou borders the vibrant Pigalle and Opera neighborhood is a perfect choice. Pigalle has a vibrant nightlife and is a more local vibe in the daytime. This boutique hotel showcases avant-garde design elements inspired by the world of music and theater. Each room is individually decorated, creating a bohemian ambiance that sets the stage for an unforgettable solo journey. The hotel’s proximity to famous landmarks like the Moulin Rouge and Sacré-Cœur Basilica adds an extra touch of allure to your stay. BOOK THIS HOTEL ON BOOKING.COM

  1. Brach Hotel: (EIFFEL TOWER)

Book for the rooftop! For a luxurious retreat, Brach Hotel in the upscale 16th arrondissement is a true gem. This five-star hotel combines elegance with modern design, offering solo travelers a lavish experience. The spacious rooms feature contemporary decor, while the hotel’s rooftop garden provides breathtaking views of the Eiffel Tower and the Paris skyline. With its wellness center, fitness facilities, and gourmet restaurant, Brach Hotel ensures a stay filled with indulgence and tranquility. BOOK THIS HOTEL ON BOOKING.COM

  1. Nolinski: (LOUVRE /OPERA)

Nestled in the heart of the 1st arrondissement, across from The Louvre.  Nolinski Paris is a haven of refined luxury perfect for solo travelers seeking an elevated experience. This exquisite hotel showcases elegant rooms adorned with designer furnishings and upscale amenities. Indulge in the hotel’s spa, which offers a range of rejuvenating treatments, or savor culinary delights at its Michelin-starred restaurant.  BOOK THIS HOTEL ON BOOKING.COM

  1. Marignan Hotel: (CHAMPS ELYSEE) Located steps away from the Champs-Élysées, Marignan Hotel embodies Parisian chic and sophistication. Its stylish rooms feature a contemporary design, while the hotel’s rooftop terrace offers stunning views of aerial Paris. Great place to stay if you plan to do lots of luxury shopping at Louis Vuitton or along Avenue Montaigne  BOOK THIS HOTEL ON BOOKING.COM
  1.  Maison Colbert: (NOTRE DAME)

Maison Colbert is a haven of contemporary design and comfort. Just around the corner from Shakespeare and Co Bookshop. This boutique hotel boasts thoughtfully curated rooms featuring modern furnishings and an artistic ambiance. As a solo traveler, you can relax in the hotel’s elegant lounge or venture out to discover the neighborhood’s trendy boutiques, art galleries, and bustling cafes in the Latin quarter close to Notre Dame.  Maison Colbert offers a seamless blend of style and convenience for an unforgettable solo experience. BOOK THIS HOTEL ON BOOKING.COM


20s – Hoxton, Brach, Bachaumont, Hôtel Rochechouart, Terras, Sookie

30s/40s – Sinner, Caron, Brach, Republique, Hoxton, Nolinski

50s/60s- Marignan, Caron, Moliere, Pavilion de la Reine


If you’ll be here solo join me for a full-day fun tour to get the lay of the land and dive into your passions at your own pace. We hang out and I show you the best of what to do around your hotel and other areas of Paris so you can navigate Paris the other days confidently without me. 🙂

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