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Join us monthly here in Paris for our floral workshop, food walks, coffee meet-ups or other VIP events. Created just for a sophisticated traveller like you. Are you in need of suggestions for a great restaurant, pick up from the airport or in need of a babysitter? Overwhelmed by the idea of planning an amazing itinerary of things to do for your next trip to Paris? Let us guide you in the right direction. Since 2008 My Parisian Life has been a premier online blog for expats in Paris or English speaking tourists visiting the city of love. During this time we?ve created many preferential partnerships with service providers whether it be with individuals; photographers, hair stylists, or companies; hotels, restaurants, spas etc. We have a good relationship with some of the best Paris has to offer. Via our event planning company we can also offer discounts to readers. Please contact us if you would like help planning your next trip to Paris. From weddings, wine tasting, anniversary dinners, family vacation housing, photography and cooking classes etc. You can depend on our knowledge of the French marketplace and our Anglophone backgrounds to understand your needs. We?re pragmatic and dedicated to customer service. myparisianlife (at)