Chloe’s Cupcakes Paris

Cupcakes at Chloes Paris

Walking into Chloe’s Cupcakes Paris, can send a couple of sensations through you, the two most notable would probably be:
1. the feeling that you’re in Don and Betty Draper Kitchen a la Mad Men 1960s ( alas an all in pink one)
2. that everything smells and looks so good!

Chloe’s offers a wide variety of cupcakes and even does special cake ordering and cooking classes here in Paris. Its a cool place to grab a quick sweet treat, or hang out with the girls, or take the kids.

Tip: call in advance if you plan on going with a big group, as you might need to make reservations.

Address: 40 Rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle
75009 Paris, France
01 48 78 12 65
Subway: Metro Saint-Georges
Hours: Open Wednesday to Sunday. 11Am to 7:30 Pm. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

inside chloes paris

best 2010 cupcakes in paris

How cute is this little snowman cupcake? made with caramel, delish!

bagel food at chloes paris

They serve food too – not just sweet stuff. Check out this?vegetable?bagel sandwich with salad.

kusmi tea pink paris chloe cupcakes

Rose Green Kusmi Tea to match the pink decor.

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