Wanderlust Paris: the new trendy hot spot?

Sunday as I cycled over to Wanderlust, I got to thinking that this was in fact my second time in the 13th Arrondisement, despite having lived in Paris for the last 5 years, and despite that this same dock shares the home of Museum of Cit? de la Mode et du Design. I’m sure this is the same feeling many people had on their way there too – it’s not very central, but it’s location is perfect for a lazy (and rainy) Sunday Brunch with friends.

As soon as you’re there you forget that you’re in bustling Paris and once you casually slip though the masses of cool looking people wearing Thierry Lasry sunglasses and J?r?me Dreyfuss bags, you kind of immediately feel like you’re actually sipping Perrier on a beach towel along the French Rivera and not on a deck chair along The Seine.

Unfortunately that feeling didn?t last too long as the crappy weather we’ve been having in Paris lately, turned what could have been perfectly good tanning session into an outpouring of raindrops on parasols. By this time we’ve been waiting for over an hour to be seated, outside of course. As we tried to get comfy under our Parasols – with the pouring rain – we sucked it up and got some in-house swanky looking fleece blankets that I actually immediately imagined wearing as a Rick Owens inspired Poncho – I resisted the urge, as I thought no one else would get the joke.

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Wanderlust paris August rain 2012

Pouring on the Parisian Parasols

The food and music saved the day. As my two yogi co-pilots (who were there for the yoga session before I arrived) were still buzzing with good vibes from there group session. They had enough energy to swing to the beats the two female DJs were spinning. I on the other hand – was pretty much like I always am: hungry. And you know they say “A hungry man is an angry man” or something like that. So as I searched the wonderfully printed Brunch menu for something that would tickle my fancy and keep me warm at the same time ( I digress, but I feel like these are the types of things one would put on their online dating profile,right? lol – must make post-it note of this!).

And there it was – it jumped out at me. For 22 Euros I could get the “Hangover”, unfortunately minus Bradley Cooper…haha. The Hangover Brunch special was basically a typical Brunch with scrambled eggs, mixed fruits, orange juice, tea (or coffee depending on your preference) and pancakes. My only disappointment was that there was no Bacon.

I’d gone the last two days eating vegetarian (Upcoming post on a cool mom & pop Vegetarian resto in Montmartre) and I seriously wanted to quench my carnivorous thrift with a little bit of salty pig. But overall it was a delicious treat, minus the fact that we waited an hour for a table and that it rained.

Before we left the docks, we treated ourselves to some black and white photo-booth photos along the dock and browsed books (and bags) at the mini Shakespeare and company pop up shop.

Also on the docks at Wanderlust were:
Yoga classes
Knitting classes
Massage sessions
Pop-Up Shakespeare and Co bookshop
A Pop-Up Barber Shop

brunch wanderlust plate of hangover

2 “The Hangover” brunch – waiting for Orange Juice and Green Tea

wanderlust paris salad

The “accompanying” salad and freshly squeezed orange juice

wanderlust paris brunch hangover

The Wanderlust Bread Bag

Wanderlust paris August rain 2012

Pouring on the Parisian Parasols

pop up paris shakespeare at wanderlust

Shakespeare and Co English Bookshop Paris at Wanderlust

 wanderlust paris dock seine

More rain – wanderlust paris dock seine

For great family fun and people watching amusement, accompanied by good food – Wanderlust is a must do.
ADDRESS: Wanderlust Paris, 32 Quai d?Austerlitz
OPEN: May – October
METRO: Gare d’Austerlitz (Lines 5 or 10)

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