Paris 24 hour Post Office – The Louvre

(UPDATED- August 8 2017 ?- the post office is now closed – you must go to 16 Rue Etienne Marcel 75002)

Post offices that remain open all hours of the day in Paris are rare. Many postal services are closed after 6pm and not open on weekends. Except the Louvre Post Office: it’s a massive central post to all of France. They are open (almost) 24 Hrs non-stop in Paris (see photo with hours below). They seem to be more efficient than the regular post offices and have more staff on the floor. They also have at least 6 automatic shipping machines ( which allows you to change the language to English for the instructions).

They have a Bank and a Western Union money transfer section inside.
open hours louvre 24 hr post office

the louvre post office paris

If you need mail or a package urgently sent this is your best bet. I can’t even tell you guys how many times I rode over late at night after realizing I’ve forgotten to mail stuff during the day!

Located in the central Etienne Marcel / Montorgeuil area of Paris. Please note: It is not located in the Louvre Museum!

La Poste du Lourve
Address: 52 rue du louvre, 75001, Paris France

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  • Reply July 8, 2015


    Thank you so much for this post! It helped me a lot today!

  • Reply August 14, 2015

    Shar Taylor

    Walked for ever at night with our heavy parcel to find this was not open

    • Reply August 20, 2015


      Hi Shar, Thank you for letting us know! There seems to be some renovations happening.

  • Reply August 5, 2017


    There is still a Louvre office but it has moved to:

    75002 – PARIS
    It is still open on Sunday from 10AM to midnight.

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