French School Vacation Days [Print Out]

The Toussiant Vacation period typically happens in the end of October beginning of November each year for kids in France. As I prepare a list of thing to do with my little ragamuffin for next week (October 27 to November 2), you can expect a separate post on things to do in Paris and Ile-de-France with the children during the Toussaint school break period.

Below, I’ve created a year-long calendar of all the school holidays in France, to share with you. Christmas school holiday dates, Summer and Spring School Break dates are all here. Paris is in Zone C to the left. Hopefully it’s easy to understand, and you can use it to get a better understanding of the French school system.

calendar school dates holidays

My Go to School Calendar for all my son’s holiday breaks.

Any plans for the upcoming days? If you’re in Paris and want to plan a little playdate with your kids and mine, let me know!

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