French Style: Marion Cotillard x DIOR


Many would say that?French actress?Marion Cotillard?is no style icon. She shy away from all fashion fuss and mostly just leaves all that to stylists, but when we see her casually out and about with husband ?Guillaume Canet? and son, we can’t help but admire how she steps out of having to be always “camera perfect”. ?She dresses how she feels but can still walk a red carpet like no other. ?

It’s this mixture of easy-going yet classy that many admire.

Added to the fact that she’s one of the most diverse and prolific actresses to date – and we understand all the media love she gets.

So it makes send that she’s the continued spokeswoman for historic fashion megahouse Dior. ?This week I’m seeing these new Spring 2014 campaign images everywhere: from fashion magazines at the Kiosk ?to bus stops around Paris.

The French love Marion and the she is this weeks French style profile.

You can see her?presently in the cinemas with?Two Days, One Night? and you can look forward to seeing her in Macbeth very soon.


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