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Discovered Blackburn coffee shop this weekend in?Paris: cosy nordic feeling cafe?in the Chateau D’Eau?area of Paris , a stones throw from Passagae Brady and one two streets over from the more crowded Rue Fb Saint Denis.

On Sundays there are a few things Parisians do: coffee, market and or brunch. I was on my way to get my usual sunday Poulet Roti (Roasted Chicken) on Rue Fb Saint Denis for brunch. You know I have these little Parisian habits like the French too, but I’m yet to start cutting lines though!

I was completely taken by surprise as I don’t ride down Faubourg ?St Matin often. And as I was contemplating on the beauty and diversity of the area: passages where you can find Indian restaurants, street where you can find african hair salons, and corners with the most french bistros. Close to the Mairie (city hall) of the?10th arr and seemingly?misplaced between a slew of kids clothing wholesalers is this clean looking place with a signage; “Come in we’re open”. ?So I did !

And as curiosity has yet to kill this cat I parked my bike and went in to find this couple-run spot with Basquiat??on the walls, nordic decor, skate magazines sprawled out over counters and a cacophony??of english and french chatter in the air rose over the sound of the Marzocco?coffee machine.

blackburn cafe paris

blackburn 1

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Once settled, we ordered 2 flat whites and they were creamy with not too much milk made with their in-house
Black Blend : brasil 85 costa rica 10 indonesia 15
4 euros each.
as we sat by the window there was?groovy music playing and we soaked up the sun peeping through on us – and admired the selection of tartes and cupckaes on the counter (will have to come back to try the lunch). Sarah makes the food from scratch except the cheesecake and Sofiane is the Barista.

In general, Blackburn has a friendly cosy atmosphere. The owners are super friendly and the clientele seems to be a mix of french and anglophones. English spoken here. Limited Wifi access though (they want to keep the coffeeshop vibe going strong rather than having all the tables with computers, with people who just want to work and not enjoy the coffee experience or talk).


  • Address:?Blackburn Coffee Shop Paris
  • 52 rue du faubourg St Martin ,?75010?Paris
  • Opening hours:?Tuesday to Friday 9am to 6pm. Saturday and Sunday 10am to 7pm.
  • Closed on MONDAYS
  • Prices – 3eu and up.
  • Metro: Chateau D’eau (line 4)


Map it:

Near by: ?Passasge Brady, Julhes…

blackburn cafe paris flatwite

blackburn 5


  • They offers in house coffee blend – ?Lomi roasters.
  • Lunch available. – no brunch menu on weekends – same fresh tarte/quiche selections.
  • Not the best place to work from your computer if you need internet connection.
  • Bench out front if you want to smoke with your coffee, take in the sun or people watch.

Good coffee in Paris has definitely taken off when you see so many coffee shops spring up in the space of only a few months. Blackburn coffee difference has to be it’s intimate feel and in a neighborhood that’s yet to have a cool coffee shop.

it’s like you’re having a great cup of coffee at some cool friends in a fast changing neighborhood.

blackburn cafe paris 2

decor blackburn cafe paris

pillows blackburn cafe paris


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