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Terra Corsa – A slice of Corsica in Paris

Terra Corsa

42 Rue des Martyrs, 75009 Paris, France

By far one of the best restaurant in this south Pigalle area of Paris (So-Pi). One part Terroir/ and one part dining area – Terra Corsa serves typical cheeses and sausages from Corsica either as Cheese platters, Salads or Quiches.

You can also stock up on authentic quality french olive oils, corsican cheeses and a variety artisanal jambon/ ham.

One of my favorites places to lunch (go before 3pm when they stop serving). Their under 10 euros menu offers a quiche meal and for 13 euros you can have a main course and dessert. ?The wine selection is pristine and we even tried the typical Corsican white beer the Colomba – perfect for a summer day as it was flavorful yet light.

I love Corsica, the many rivers, long beaches and the cheeeeesssee!

So I’m excited to share this address with you guys, as an introduction to what Corsica has to offer if you’ve ever wondered what the food is like?there. Also at the front of the restuarant to the side there is a digital album with some breathtaking photos of Corsica. You’ll probably want to book your trip after a meal here.

paris lunch in pigalle at terra corsaTerrace seating on Rue des Martys

?Lots of hanging sausages, wine, canned produce from Corsica and homemade desserts.



My favorite is the Coppa and aubergine quiche here!

The Mixed Cheese and Meat platter – big enough for two (so good, but we could not even finish it).

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Address: Terra Corsa

42 Rue des Martyrs
75009 Paris

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 10am to 9:30pm, Sunday 10am to 7pm.

Metro: Notre-Dame-de-Lorette or Saint George (line 12)

Map it:


THEY ALSO have a SECOND location here, close to many places to eat and drink in the Cour des Petites Ecuries:

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