BERLIN GUIDE: Turkish Market

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Turkischer Morket am Maybachufer

We visited the Turkish market on a Friday afternoon, and got our full share of Turkish street food, fruits and vegetables, and live music along the Spree from? traveling musicians like?Blues and Folks singers from the US.

The atmosphere was a melting pot of cultures in central Berlin, with lots of locals and??international crowds. ?Rather lively with tons of food to try.

You can buy ( and haggle the price) for just about anything here; fabrics, jewelry, food, you name it.

We bought some fedora hats, cherries, and ?ended up having some African food for lunch while listening to the live music.

  • Address :?Turkish Market
  • Maybachufer
  • 12047 Berlin Neuk?lln
  • Hours:
  • Tuesdays and Fridays at 11am to 6:30pm.

Map it:

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red apartments berlin


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handmade berlin maket bags

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