New to Paris: Where to buy houseware

If you’re new to paris you probably have absolute no idea where to shop for all the decor and homey things you’d get easily back home: sheets, iron, plates, kitchen supplies, bathroom wares

This is not an exhaustive list so feel free to send me your suggestions if I’ve left anything out.


A low budget store in the 18th arrondissement close to bustling metro Barbes. One entire block of stores that sell everything from shampoos, notebooks, toys to kitchen supplies. They even have a specialty jewelry and wedding stores. A stones throw right behind is where you find the Marche St. Pierre the neighborhood that has all the fabric and trimming stores(at the foot of Sacre Coeur).

4-18 Boulevard de Rochechouart
Paris, France



For the best flea market finds – if you want to fill your apartment with mismatched chairs, vintage frames and old records this is the place to get it.

138/140 Rue des Rosiers
Saint Ouen, France



This dutch brand has a cute and colorful selection of towels, sheets, notebooks, cremes, coffee and even cosmetics. I stock up on their cleaning product like dish washing liquids which are so good and so cheap. I’m also always leaving with one more cute notebooks and stationary that I absolute don’t need, but are too cute to pass by.

118 Rue Rambuteau
Paris, France



The old parisian multilevel store that has a shoe repair, key duplication, fashion, homewares, everything except furniture and bath supplies.

36 Rue de la Verrerie, 75004 Paris, France



Hardware and Homeware. if you need a new sink, electrical supplies or a piece of wood cut just right. We custom made my son’s bed with everything that was bought here.

52 Rue Rambuteau, 75003 Paris, France
+33 1 44 54 66 66



The one at Metro Reaumur /Sebastopol is across from my old apartment and I love this place dearly especially when there is a solde/sale. It’s essentially¬† a big supermarket with an impressive fashion and homeward section. I can’t tell you guys how I love their Kitchen: ceramic and towel collection which changes every season.

95 Boulevard de S?bastopol, 75002 Paris, France
+33 1 42 33 36 15



Has a wide selection of table ware that changes each season. Get photo frames, candles and bed spread of medium quality here. I’ve even bought a rug here.

2 Boulevard de la Madeleine, 75009 Paris, France
+33 1 58 18 38 20


New to Paris, and not a shop in itself, but more so a section of this H&M has a cool selection of towels, bed ware, childrens stuff and cutsey things that match.

115 Ave de France, 75013 Paris.

H&M Home opens in Paris



My go to place for anything that’s furniture related. Stronger and better quality than IKEA, but also more expensive. Love the toys and sheet sets they have for kids. One is centrally located at Republic

10 Place de la R?publique
75011 Paris



My favorite one though is across from 104 / Cent Qautre in the 19th arr of Paris. Massive space selling everything from used books to regal furniture from the turn of the century.

40 rue Riquet 75019


11. IKEA

Is outside of paris but quie easy to get to via a RER train then a bus. Not to worry if you don’t have a car you can have Ikea deliver to you in a few weeks for around 100 euros – or have one of the many “man with a van” who wait out front ( you may want to brush up on your french for his – and expect to do so bantering/haggeling) and have your stuff same day.

164 Avenue de la Plaine de France
Gonesse, France
+33 891 67 00 37


as usual look out for pickpockets at all the metros to go to these places.


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    I went to Habitat based on you recommendation and it was a nightmare. My furniture was never delivered, and it was a hassle getting my money back. Please do not recommend this company.

    • Reply April 18, 2017


      Hi Sam, sorry you had a bad experience! I respect your review and thank you so much for sharing. Personally I will keep them on the list because they have always been one of my go to places in Paris, and I have never had an issue.

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