5 Reasons to get Vacation Photos in Paris

I get many requests from you guys coming to Paris about finding pro English speaking photographers – and I try to answer all emails but thought I’d just write a post to sum up a few tips on ?how to go about it all.

You can have your photos taken in Paris by a professional – be it a marriage?proposal, engagement or honeymoon shoot. We know a few good men and woman who’d be happy to capture you and your family in the romantic Paris backdrop!


You can finally get those really nice editorial magazine style photos you’ve always wanted. ?Sure, selfies are fine, and all hail the selfie sticks but ?can they compare to a professional?

Let’s be honest after a few missed attempts of begging strangers to capture you – you’ve just given up from all the blurry, eyes closed, mouth crooked type shots. ?If you’re like me, you’d totally pay to have someone who can hold a steady camera and knows a thing or two about lighting, capture the moments you’ll want to be proud of sharing when you get back home.


1. Professional editorial style images with the romantic Parisian backdrop

propoal photographer paris

Nice professional people who speak camera language ready to shoot you whether you’re traveling solo or with a family.

2. You’re free to play dress up

It’s your shoot. Think of it as your street style photo session in one of the world most architecturally?rich cities; Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Seine River, Lovelock Bridge… etc

Fashion Bloggers coming to Paris especially like?this part.


3. You can capture that proposal, while on vacation

She’ll think you’re just bending down to tie your shoes laces (just kidding there are many better ways to propose – not that we don’t find this one to funny!), or whatever the scenario may be – ?capture that look of love and surprise in the moment.


4. No more blurry random stranger photos

Because really why? For the Price of dinner at a four star restaurant you can capture a moment in a trip you’ll remember forever.


5. It’s the perfect travel gift

Surprise that special person with a birthday photo-session, ?some romantic honeymoon or anniversary photos.


Sessions start at 1hr, 30 photos – 250 Euros. Email myparisianlife(at)gmail.com to contact one of our?concierge?or book your paris photographer.



  • Reply March 3, 2015

    Rodney Deane

    I am an Australian photographer that has just moved to Paris. I am still learning french.
    Is there anywhere you recommended signing up to that people maybe able to find me if they are looking for English speaking photographers in Paris?

    Instagram @ rodneydeane

    Thank you in advance.


    • Reply March 5, 2015


      Hi Rodney. welcome to Paris!
      I may have an idea. Can you send me an email at myparisianlife (at) gmail.com

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