11 French brands Parisians really love

maje paris fashion

Sure, we all say that French women have that certain “je ne sais quoi”- and I don’t want to be on the bandwagon of “French women can do no wrong” – but honestly if you’re in the know you know that most French women actually only pretend like they don’t make an effort with the way they dress and where they shop.

It doesn’t take you 10 minutes sitting on a terrace in the Marais enjoying a glass of Sauvignon blanc to see that most – and there are some exceptions ‘quand meme’ – but that most French (at least Parisians) women dress so much a like.

So if you’re visiting Paris and want to know what to wear to kind of “fit in” or take back home to feel a bit more Parisian, or if you’ve just moved here and want to know more about shopping in Paris and the types of brands here, this should give you some tips.


Even though, many people have a pair of stan smith Adidas sneakers, skinny jeans and an “it bag” preferably from Jerome Dreyfuss or gasp, Micheal Kors (getting tons of arm candy time here!) there may be some staple brands that my french gal pals and wanna be Parisians can’t live without, that you’re yet to discover.

Here’s our round-up of 10 fashion and accessories brands that have a place in many a French girls wardrobe.


This brand seems to get the girly yet functional mix in right proportions. Think easy to wear dresses and trendy seasonal coats.

maje paris fashion


Have a strong following of hipster for the perfect basics. The men’s section is one of the best-designed lines out right now and compares to many of the high fashion houses.

sandro paris 2015 fashion to buy


A well-dressed tom boys dream (and one of my favourite) the Blazers are clean-cut and the denim have just the right amount of details to stand out but have that certain understated charm.

iro paris fashion to buy

4.Antoine et Lili

Frou frou and completely girly from the bright pink walls to the bright pink and purple dresses. Their home decor section is a highly curated selection for the well-travelled woman.

antoine et lili

5.Isabel Marant

A trendsetter designer that make clothes for women like her have found her niche not just here in Paris but all over the world.

isabel marant paris 2015

6.Comptoir des Cotoniers

In recent years their mother-daughter campaign has been something you’d see plastered on all the bus stops and in every magazine. There is no denying that they make clothes for both types of women but with a fun flair.

comptoir des cotonniers paris fashion brand


Not only will Japanese tourist make the longest lines to get into a Longchamp boutique, but it’s almost a right of passage here to have a Longchamp carry all for everyday purposes and going to the office.

alexa chung longchamp

8.Gerard Darel

Does anyone remember those bags they used to make 5 years ago that everyone had, including Angelina Jolie. Well the brand is actually a French staple in quality basics.

gerad darel 2015 french fashion


Any well-heeled women in Paris will tell you that nothing beats the outlet shop of Jonak. Nothing!

jonak paris shoes shop

10.Princesse Tam Tam

I’ve been with friends on numerous occasions to buy gift cards here to conclude that all Parisian women love the lingerie from this shop so much they ask for it for their birthdays.

french lingerie to buy in paris princesse tam tam

11. Jerome Dreyfuss

Remember the “Billy”

His bags are a statement symbol; they’re handmade, Parisian and expensive. Ca va qoui!

jerome dreyfuss paris bag designer

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