Shopping in Paris: Best Concept Stores

Check out some of our picks for the best concept stores in town! For your fashion fix our favorites have it all from French to international brands for men, women and kids. Oh and some home wares too! ?Many of them have their own cafes and restaurants where you can pause from shopping to enjoy a coffee break, lunch or even dinner.

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213 Rue Saint Honor? 75001

designers at colette 2015 inside

paris colette best 2015 concept store review

Colette is probably the most interesting store you could experience. Sarah Lerfel and her mother Colette Roussaux opened Colette at its one and only location in 1997. Her idea was to make it like a magazine where one had to visit quite often to be exposed to the newest and hottest trends before they are seen on the street. There is always a crowd in and around the shop as it is a hub for street style. Celebrities, designers and authors are constantly making guest appearances. I have shopped in the likes of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid casually on a weekday. No security, no announcement and no rules. Exactly how Colette operates.

Colette is known for their exclusive collaborations with a mixture of legendary and emerging designers that focus on quality and creativity. These collaborations include but definitely are not limited to sneakers, jewelry, tech accessories and even bottles of Hennessy. The first floor of the shop is where their sneakers, print and music are located. Upstairs you will find pieces from current haute couture collections. Some of the most coveted and unique pieces are displayed in a museum like fashion but all so open it is a relaxed environment one may not feel is synonymous with luxury. You will also find their beauty room where an expert can mix a unique fragrance for you. What is also very unique is that every month they showcase a new artist from anywhere in the world. They display their collection upstairs while also having collaborative t-shirts or lighters.

Downstairs they have the water bar. It is exactly what it sounds like it is. The bar is stock full of various types of water. Some designers and artists do collaborations specifically with certain water brands to be sold at Colette. You can also eat downstairs but of course there is never a set menu. Staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable and the services they provide are so convenient it is easy to visit the shop twice every week which I would recommend doing if you want to stay on top of this ever changing world. They change their elaborate window displays and floor plan every 5 days so you will never get bored. I recommend following them on twitter and Instagram so you can be the first to know about upcoming collections, collaborations and store visits from your favorite artists.


  • Metro: Tulleries
  • Near by: Angelina, Aesop, Place Vendome…


Tom Greyhound

19 Rue de Saintonge 75003

Tom Greyhound Paris

Tom Greyhound concept store paris

Seoul based concept store that takes a multicultural and contemporary approach to fashion. It is set up how you would want your dream home with thick knit rugs, architecturally pleasing furniture and books laying around waiting to be picked up for a read.

The store even comes equipped with a timid Italian Greyhound named Tippi. The polite worker introduced himself and Tippi before going back to his visual project that he was taking great care doing. The shop is set up by story so each rack filled with several brands that share a similar aesthetic with shoes underneath to create a style conscious outfit. Mirrored halls divide the first floor so you twist and turn to see every sleek piece.

Upstairs is more aimed toward men and accessories but nonetheless set up the same way. If you appreciate fine architecture, unique statement pieces and a warm environment do not miss this experience. The store is on the same street as Candelaria and Ob Di La so you are sure to see fresh, young style that can only be seen in Paris.


  • Metro:?Saint-S?bastien – Froissart Line 8
  • Near by: Rachels, Ob-La-Di, Le Progres..



The Broken Arm

12 Rue Perr?e 75003

The Broken Arm

The Broken Arm (1)

This unmarked, mint green concept store could be easily passed by in it?s quiet neighborhood. My friend and I walked in through the caf? section where we were warmly greeted by the whole staff. The caf? was filled with couples and friends enjoying a mid day espresso in the fresh and bright atmosphere. We walked through the glass door into the side room, which displayed the newest and coolest sneakers I had only seen on the feet of the in-crowd during fashion week. On the opposing side were the most current collections fresh off the runways of LOEWE and Raf Simmons.

Downstairs were older but equally as appealing collections and sneakers. Also downstairs is a wall filled with magazines and books, some which were labeled as valuable archives. If you were interested in checking it out you must ask one of the eccentrically dressed workers. The playlist went from Kygo like beats to classical piano and there were definitely no complaints. Somehow The Broken Arm made complete eccentricity, chaos and creativity work into a comprehensive and clean shopping experience.

  • Metro: Temple line 3
  • Near by : Fondation Cafe, Nanashi, Marche Enfant Rouge




111 boulevard Beaumarchais 75003

Merci (1)Merci store paris best of shopping

For those of you who like one-stop shops, this three-floor concept store can appease your creative side as well as get the job done. The entrance is neighbored by two of it?s restaurants where you can sit in or out for a coffee or light lunch.

The classically French courtyard style entrance is accompanied by a vintage Fiat that invites you into the first floor. This floor is filled with oddities and sale apparel. Off to the right is a charming caf? inside an extensive library where many people were working on their laptops and catching up with friends. The second floor holds all of the clothing where nothing is like the other. It almost seems like a thrift shop because of the lack of divisions but the neatness ascends it to comfortable shopping. There is also a small restaurant on this floor, which was packed at about 3 pm.

Finally; on the third floor there is kitchen and living room furniture and accessories. Many variations of lighting, table d?cor and potted plants had me dreaming of a loft in the 3rd arrondissement that I don?t own. But I know if I did my first stop would be Merci. Next time you are looking to revamp your house or get a fun gift for any age, make an afternoon trip to Merci.


Metro:?Saint-S?bastien – Froissart Line 8


Centre Commercial

2 Rue de Marseille 75010

greyhound paris concept store

This concept store is in a very artistic quarter near the canal. It separates itself with a bright white exterior and wide display windows. The shop smells amazing being neighbor to award winning boulangerie, Du Pain et Des Id?es. Playlist has relaxed R&B music to groove to while scanning through endless racks of classic suit sets and coats for men and women. However the store seems to be directed more towards men seeing that 3/4 of the store is dedicated to ?Homme?.

The books that accompany the accessories lain on tables have subjects such as Scandinavian architecture and city guides to New York City. In the back corner is the shoe section that currently holds the trendiest Vejas. The prices are affordable which is nice for those who are ballin? on a budget. This is a great place to pick up some cozy pieces with your beau, grab a tarte aux pommes and sit by the canal.

Metro: Jaques Bonsergent

Near by : Chez Prune, Quai de Valmy



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    You’ve got a great list of concept stores in Paris, I wanted to add another one to the list: Upper Concept Store. They work with local designers and it’s not only a boutique but also co-working, cafe, bar, and gallery. It’s located centrally and definitely a place worth checking out!

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