Bagels in Paris: Nakee’s Delicatessen

Nakees Bagels is reminiscent of a Brooklyn corner deli with a family vibe from the friendly brother sister team behind the counter. Lunchtime in the Sentier area of Paris just got served; fast, fresh and healthy.

The Americanization of Paris lunch time is a trend no one can deny ? with all the bagel and burger craze , it’s like anything else in life darling ? curation. And Nakee’s makes my list of best bagel spots and eatery this part of town. Perfect for a take-away lunch too, to enjoy at the square Chautemps just in front of the Gaite Lyrique museum, on a good summer day of course.

Otherwise if you’re close to Etienne Marcel, Rue Montorgueil this could make a cool place to pause. They are located in the historical fashion wholesale area of paris and many of the people who packed the tiny eatery seemed to work in the hood, or students.


You can try the?10.60 Euros menu of : Bagel, salad and desert. They have a variety of bagel options, daily soups, fresh squeeze ?juices.

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Le Lloyd was the bagel I had this day with its subtitle honey mustard sauce, cream cheese, salmon and avocado topping on a moist bagel. I was actually surprised by the big portions – as so many sandwich shops are so skimpy with the ingredients these days. Not Nakee’s!

I can’t even begin to tell you about the near to orgasmic experience I had with the chocolate mouse (3 euros). ?hahahaha.

You can also find cookies and ?the famous Rachel?s Cheese Cake on the menu.


Address: 186 Rue Saint Denis 75002 Paris

Metro: Reaumur Sebastopol – Line 4

Open:?11am to 5pm Weekdays – Closed Sunday + Saturday.


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