WINE IN PARIS: En Vrac Natural wine and local favorite


A little bit off the beaten track and really for locals in the know is wine bar En Vrac. Our Paris blog is one that frequents this spot so much, it’s weird we haven’t?reviewed this spot to get a drink close to Marx Dormoy before!

Let’s make up for that shall we? With its cosy casual bench seating out front close to Marche D’Olive (or Marche de La Chapelle as it’s officially called), the wine bar is a meeting place just at the corner of a side street that faces an old “charming” french bistro and a real estate agency just in front. ?This place is really not trying hard to be anything. And that what makes it cool.


The interior and the neat industrial interiors the spot is a heaven for the best wines coming from all over France. Mostly in barrels so poured straight – as really good house wine – 3 euros a glass.

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our wine and cheese platter

You can even buy yourself a bottle of the house wine like I do for around 8 euros. Really great wine that changes almost every week – so you can experiment and learn about names/ regions easily. ?The staff speaks English so if you’re visiting, don’t expect anything fancy but you’ll get some great wines, cheese and sausage platter for really?decent prices! ?Around 9?euros?per platter – to share with an assortment of different french breads and baguette included. ?They daily soup is usually fresh and the right size if you want something light to eat at 5 euros. The menu is minimalist in general with a daily meal and few platters.

The crowd is quite mixed – mostly people from the Rue Pajol, Marx Dormoy area – but the hood is already quite mixed with Chinese, Africans and Europeans inhabiting in colorful harmony.

Hands down one of my favorite places to go in the 18th for the quality, local feel and of course price. En Vrac will certainly also please the wine lover and foodie.


EN VRAC wine bar?

Address: 2 Rue l’Olive, 75018 Paris
Opening hours: 10am to 12 midnight

Metro: Marx Dormoy

Map it:


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