Christmas at Galeries Lafayette

This Christmas in Paris is in full swing at Galeries Lafayette – the Parisian department store for one-stop shopping of fashion, accessories, and food! Every year I bring you the best of the holiday season in Paris and this year the shopping destination has outdone themselves with an ice skating rink on their rooftop, a Queen been theme window displace and massive tree and a suspended glass walk all for our photo and Instagram pleasure!

Get a feel for French Christmas with the regal MAGICAL TREE. 

The view from the Beauty Floor, looking up (peep the Glasswalk to the left).

If you enter from the beauty floor on the main entrance – or from the jewelry section- all you have to do is look up! Galeries Lafayette Haussman has covered its tree with winter flowers and big bees with at the very top – the Queen Bee. Every 30 minutes there’s a tree light show where the lights to the store are dimmed to emphasize the presence.

You can have an aerial shot of the tree and store from the GLASSWALK 

yanique glasswalk galeries lafayette marjorie preval
Disco divo ensemble by Paula Knorr – captured by @marjorie.preval

The best place to have a close-up bee-like view of the gigantic Christmas tree. A walkway that is 9 meters long and 16 meters above the ground. 

GASP! Only for the brave my loves!

It’s open every day and you can find it on the 3rd floor of the Coupole. 

Visit the most Scenic Ice SKATING RINK

Can you see the Eiffel Tower in the backdrop?

Enjoy the Ice skating rink with a view of the Eiffel Tower on their rooftop. A 160-meter rink free for all – now that’s how to enjoy Paris cheap and chic! They also have shoe sizes for the entire family from children to adults. The staff also speak English. You want to go all the way to the 6th floor when you enter the main store above the Coupole. 


One of my favorite places to GIFT SHOP in-store is at the Go For Good section


If you’re like me and are conscious about the way you shop and care about sustainability. you’ll find dour hearts desire here. I don’t like to push too much my way of life on anyone – but I’m a big believer in buying local and also supporting brands that have a more “wellness” oriented focus. In the Go For Good section, I love that many of the brands are either made in France or all have natural components that respect people and the environment.  One such brand that I discovered that’s made in France is Bonanza; they make statement feminine french jewelry. 

Necklace from Bonanza Paris inside Galeries Lafayette Go For Good on the 3rd floor

You can also shop for little gifts like beenies, candles, leather bags, hand creams and more in the Good Spot on the 3rd Floor …

For the FOOD LOVER – head over to the GOURMET store across the street…

You can find a selection of eateries and also a grocery store downstairs. But this little food eco-system even have Petrosian Caviar, Le Creuset, and now the high-end pastry maker of macarons Pierre Herme!

Address: 35 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris

Another area you can take the kiddies is to the lifesize

Barbie playhouse …

yanique barbie dreamhouse galeries lafayette marjorie preval.jpg

If you’re coming to Paris for the holidays let me know!


PHOTO by Marjorie Preval

Visit Galeries Lafayette Haussmann here:

Address: 40 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris

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    Love it! do you have places to recommend for like vintage shops, thrift shops, or flea markets and french brands? Shops that are affordable and good finds and vintage items as well. Also some consignment stores?


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