Being black in Paris right now…

hey loves

Just a little update.

I’ve been trying to write a blog post about what’s been going on with me right now and I still can’t…everything has been super heavy and I just want to take care of my mental health right now. Especially while most of Paris and France still pretends like there is no problem with racism, adding even more weight to the feeling of invisibility that black people feel in this country and the present worldwide crisis.

I’ve been more active on instagram.

You can see & hear more about my raw thoughts on the fire in my apartment, black lives matter, being black in Paris, mothers day, running a business and more here

I’m getting back to 100 percent soon…sending you so much love and light !

VIDEO 1 – my thought on French Mothers Day and being a black mom in Paris

VIDEO 2 – my thoughts on showing up now & racism in the wedding industry

VIDEO 3 – Protest at Republique with 120000 people for Black Lives Matter and Adama Traore

If you’d like to be apart of the June 28th talk on Race + Life in Paris – it will be open to the Patreon community so you can sign up here

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