February in Paris

As I sit and write this from my apartment in Montmartre its raining and i just put on a fresh pot of water to make some chicoree ( Im cutting back on coffee and i swear someone needs to make this old drink alternative sexy! ) Alas I digress…

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Here are some news and things to do this February in Paris

SIDEWALK CAFES: have become a trend if you’ve been following my daily videos on instagram I show you snippets of real life daily at the moment. Specifically Friday evening before our 6PM curfew I went to the post office here in Montmartre and showed you a few streets and bars that actually had lots of people out sidewalk drinking. I suppose the restaurant owners are taking advantage of the click and collect idea, and many customers are using this as an opportunity to socialize. 


Today it’s Sunday and I’m delighted to be hosting David Lebovitz for a chat on life in Paris on my Instagram – brought to you by our book club on Patreon. Our book this month is The SweetSwweet Life. You can join us here monthly via zoom. 


By Jr is a multi-building art exhibition that also has a  supermarket, sounds like a weird mix indeed, but hey it’s something to do as most museums and galleries are closed by law. Find out more here

NEWS: James Baldwin will see his name on a new multicultural space in the 19th arrondissement in Paris!

Read more here

You can also follow Entree to Black Paris for tours relating to black history and life in Paris 

See more here

 And read this article on Black Americans that have made home in Paris 

Laduree for sale: the french pastry giant is the first in a series of companies to hit the dust because of the recent financial crisis brought on by the pandemic in the travel industry.

Want to practice your french read more of the article here 



Centre Pompidou virtual –  has a few interesting virtual visits like one with Joan Miro

The Louvre and Uniqlo have ceated an artistic collaboration you can find more here


Even though the CHÂTEAU DE FONTAINEBLEAU is closed but you can still visit its magnificent gardens for a walk. 

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