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August in Paris

Bonjour loves, 

August in Paris is pretty empty of locals, but there are still lots of things to do, wonderful places to see and yummy French food to be eaten at some of my fave spots

Here’s my august to-do list just in case you missed the page.

Use it to know about the weather, local holidays, and what’s going on, and get some of my coolest things to do.

We just got back from 2 weeks in the northern part of Picardie and Normandy and it was the bomb dot com  you can read about our family vacation at Mers Les Bains here 

If you want to get the lay of the land when you come to Paris book a semi-customizable one-on-one tour with me. They’re super fun and informational. Tours are open again in September 

See more info here

To see the oldest bakery in Paris, plus how much is a coffee and croissant be sure to follow my daily videos on life in Paris on my Instagram @myparisianlife 

Love always,


in le Marais with Jonas Bowman
Time for a photo at the end of our tour 🙂

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