An Authentic Parisian Covered Market

If you’re ever in the 18th arrondisment – near the metro Max Dormoy you must take the time to walk around in a part of Paris that still has an old soul.

Marche d’Olive is one of my favorite places to food shop on a sunday morning (they are closed in Sunday afternoons and on Mondays).

On first glance you might find this area noisy and dirty and somewhat not as “sexy” as say Rue St. Honore, but this little corner of Paris is “real”. I just love walking into this covered market and seeing all the different assortment of cheeses from the Fromagerie and the different amount of sausages from the Charcuterie. Talk to the vendors and watch as people line up to buy their weekly produce. Just everyday living, so simple yet so beautiful.

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This is also one of the very few markets where you also have resturants side by side with the fish mongers and fruit vendors.

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If you’re looking for something to tickle your taste buds – but not quite sure whats that speacial thing you’re craving – you’ll be happy to know that here you’ll find authentic Moroccan, Italian, Caribbean and French food inside.

Inside Marche d'olive 18th paris

Le Marche de l?Olive

Address : 10 Rue de l?Olive, 75018, Paris
Metro : Metro Marx Dormoy (Line 12)
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PS you’ll also find many chinese and thai places to eat in and around the market as well as some local cafes to grab a coffee or mint tea.

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