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On Sunday we had our afternoon coffee at Craft along the canal.

I was later than my other freinds getting there and had no oppourtunity to get a stool at the bar where my freinds were already sitting.

So I stood at the corner of the bar waiting for a stool to be liberated from the young couple that where to my left – while doing this I also observed the desserts on display and asked before ordering, of course pretending to be a coffee snob, I said “I’d like a cappuccino (pause)…and where’s the coffee from?”

Cafe Lomi he replied.

Ah! At last I could continue to pretend like I know a little something about something to the barista as I am quite familiar with the coffee from Lomi.

“I’ll take the Ethiopian blend then”

Feeling quite pleased with myself. I was not expecting to hear “Which one?”

Crap, how was I to know which one? Can’t you tell I know nothing about coffee?

I smiled the smile that said I’ll trust you and said “Whichever one you propose” and that was the end of that.

Chuckling back over to my lady friends, I awaited my cup of warmness.
craft cafe canal

service au bar photo

It was an unusually very cold winter day – the temperate reader on my IPhone was saying minus 3′ C. Bloody hell! Times like these I which to live in a warmer climate, perhaps more fitting to my personality, perhaps caliente like, ummm… like Miami!

Yes of course Paris is pretty, dainty and mysteriously romantic but boy can this place feel like a butchers deep freezers in January.

I’m digressing, I know but the weather here sometimes really gets me riled up… more photos after the jump

Anyways. When I got my ‘Cap and went on with the regular girls Sunday afternoon chats and bursts of laughter at the bar.
My right side could feel the burning penetration of eyes that where being averted from ther computer screens because of our childlike giggles and heartily womanly outbursts of laughter.

To which I responded with the “shame on you” look, as I felt it was my obligation after all for my 3 freinds backs where turned to the vexed and I had a more direct contact

All the while I was thinking ” For christs sake it’s Sunday, we know you’re here to work on your Macbooks, and from time to time check out the person across from you over your Chanel eyeglasses, pretend to eat your carrot cakes and very slowly drink your cup of filtered coffees. But is it a crime to want to have a splendid time ridiculing ourselves reading horoscopes and chatting up the German speaking barista?”

I say no!

I say it’s Sunday and we deserve to show you all how to live a little. Et en plus on en France ou personne travaille! Stop pretending!

You know you’re here because you too heard this is a cool place to have a cup of Jo and possibly – seeing that your Adopt Un Mec profile has only been turning out attractive scoundrels. Who knows, you’ll possibly find and fall in love with the man of you dreams who – comme par hazard – happens to love coffee, real coffee as much as you do, hence his presence at Craft!

I digress. As usual…

But the moral of the story is Craft is a cool cafe, less cozy than Lomi – 10 times more studious! And in that same breath I suppose it’s the perfect to go work on your laptop on a sunday – considering you dont run into us lot! Craft is a convivial meeting spot for people who love coffee.

PS. They serve Rachel’s pastries – which if my memory serves me right and I’m not mistaken also serves Blk Market Cafe and if so I’ve deliciously devoured thier Cheesecake!

chalkboard at craft - menu

inside craft coffee shop paris

Keywords: Cool, Calm, Trendy, Free Wifi, Coffee Culture, English Spoken, Hipster

24, rue des Vinaigriers, Paris, FR.
01 40 35 90 77

Open 9:00 am – 7:00 pm

Jacques Bonsergent (Line 5)
Gare de l’Est (Lines 4, 5 , 7)

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