Dauphin, Paris: Experimental Wine Bar

I celebrated my birthday last week and I was treated, by two of the loveliest people I know, to a surprise dinner at Le Duaphin!

I’ve long heard of and walked passed this little glass wall resto at 131 avenue Parmentier, in the 11th arrondissement, so many times. I was super excited to finally try out the concept space that’s next door to Le Chateaubriand.

In its essence its a pristine wine bar with a simplistic experimental menu that changes everyday – and the dishes are served kind of tapas style. If you’re a food snob, you’ll love it here.

The mixed crowd of suits and creatives and bright lights makes the environment seem not so “laid-back”. But once you get over the initial shock of how minimalistic the space is with lots of mirrors and glass, and if you’re lucky enough to get a table with chairs and not stools you’ll realize that everyone here is here for the same reason you are to eat, drink and be merry!

Le Dauphin seems to have an avant-garde approach to cuisine, if you like a more classic approach then this is not for you. Food explorers welcomed!
Oh and you can enjoy delicious vegetarian dishes here too, see the photos below of the mushroom dishes and the spinach dish.

Sextant wine for the night

Sextant wine for the night

le dauphin paris parmentier

ohhh the bread was so good!

tapas style plate photo dauphin paris

Spinach and Pumpkin with strips of Parmesan cheese

More photos and info after the jump…

saint jaques scallops french recipe photo paris

The Scallops in Truffle Sauce

The mixture of different varies of mushroom and textures was delish

The mixture of different varies of mushroom and textures was delish

leeks recipe dauphin french

The menu changes every night

The menu changes every night

entrance dauphine resaurant paris

Glass wall entrance to Dauphin

Keywords: hipster, trendy, foodies, wine bar, Inaki Aizpitart, vegetarian, romantic,
average dinner price: 35 Eu (two plates)
Metro: Goncourt (Line 11)
Neighborhood: Belleville, Goncourt, Parmentier

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