Urban Outfitters Opens in Paris

urban outfitters in paris france

It’s here! But for a limited time only the young american fashion brand Urban Outfitters has set up a pop-up shop in Paris’ biggest multilevel shopping experience store, Galeries Lafayette. Urban wear now accessible to the French masses.

I’m a lover of their T-shirt and shoe selection; soft cottons with funky typography and I can usually get my size shoes (41). If you’re living in France with big feet like me, you’ll know that internet shopping is your friend because so few stores here have a wide selection of sizes over 39! (Except for Zara, which I love for that, I sweep up at sale time!)

urban outfitters in paris france

Inside Urban Outfitters Paris Shop- 2nd Floor of Galeries Lafayette

Music in Urban Outfitters Galeries Lafayette

Music in Urban Outfitters Galeries Lafayette

If you are familiar with the store from the US, you’ll see the regular Lomo cameras, Casio watches, LPs, Headphones, and other colorful accessories to complement your lifestyle and your wardrobe.

Head on over, they are only open for 5 months!

Urban Outfitters Paris Address: 40 Blvd Haussmann
75009 Paris

On the 2nd floor.

Opening hours – 9:30 am to 8pm and until 9pm on Thursdays.

The space is like an urban playground. The interior decor of the pop-up store’s main feature, the hand painted ceiling, is the work of artist Ricardo Cavolo. See more of the Behind the scenes of the creative process here:

Video and photos from Urban Outfitters France

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