Coffee in Paris: Ob-la-di 54 Rue de Saintonge

Whenever a new coffee shop pops up on my radar in Paris I’m so tempted to go right away – because in my opinion that’s when you feel the rawness of the team and the space before it becomes too hip and trendy.

Hopping off my bicycle on 54 Rue de Saintonge and just a few minutes after my morning workout, I walked in to the cutest tiled space in Paris.

Ob-La-Di was one of those impromptu stops that I certainly won’t regret. ?And I think you’ll like it too!


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You know what I mean? Come on, how many times have you seen a pretty photo on Instagram and thought “oh this place looks cool” ?to only find out that it’s all just a hype; just another spot to take endless cappuccino photos but not mush else. Ob-La-Di has soul, don’t let the slicked back hair coolitude fool you. ?A mix of people were easily talking to each other over their books and coffee. I wouldn’t suggest the space for coffeeshop wi-fi-ers; it’s an intimate space that will probably make your computer stick out like a sore thumb.

Honestly though, the coffee ( I take mine simply filtered black) was perfect, and the granola banana cookie saved my after-work-out life! No sugar was harmed in the making of this cookie ! It was made in their kitchen and I coould taste the love.



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They also serve granola all day ( 8 or 9 euros) with flavors like honey berry, maple oat and fig quinoa. My only gripe was, there’s only one savory item on the menu The Tartine Purple Haze – however, when described to me sounded like a delicious healthy?avocados toast. ?I think it was made with the purple potato bread I saw – perfect for fix for the avocado fein in Paris. The 1950 rock music in the background fitted perfectly with the chit chatter of French and Australians enjoying a morning out.

  • Homemade + Organic food and desserts
  • Coffee to go – perfect if you want to go sit in the Park next close by in front of the Mairie/ City hall of the 3rd arrondisement.
  • Central location in a one of Paris’ trendiest hoods
  • The interior is small?but the way it’s decorated makes you just want to linger and admire the marble countertop and the small swinging side tables, cactus and granola stacked shelves.
  • The Barista and team are also super sweet
  • They also have a restroom (some places don’t folks!)
  • Places nearby – Candelaria (next door), Marche des Enfant Rouge, Nananshi, Rue Charlot…
  • Coffee is roasted from the folks at Cafe Lomi

PS Guys I only had my iPhone at the time – so the photos are super filtered – ah bah oui…you still get the feel right 🙂


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Address:?54 rue de Saintonge, 75003 Paris, France

Metro: Many in walking distance like Temple (line 3)

Map it:



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  • Reply May 12, 2016


    Looks like a real gem, I’ll be sure to check it out when I am in Paris this weekend

    • Reply May 23, 2016


      Yes, and you’ll love wandering around that area also to Boots Cafe or Wild and the Moon 🙂

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