Paris Summer: 7 Best Art Exhibitions 2015

The museums of Paris have already graced us with a fantastic selection of art exhibitions since the start of the year. La Toilette Naissance de L?Intime at the Mus?e Marmottan Monet was a particular stand out. While the cooler months are generally reserved for blockbuster exhibitions, the cultural hub that is Paris never fails to deliver on great art. The following is a list of the best summer exhibitions ranging from the usual favourites to contemporary giants.


1. Pierre Bonnard at Mus?e D?Orsay

Pierre Bonnard musee dorsay

Bonnard is one of the great French post-impressionist artists who worked with a group of artists named Les Nabis, it is only fitting that his oeuvre is shown in the palace of French art, the Mus?e D?Orsay. This exhibition surveys Bonnard?s representation of arcadia, in both figurative and landscape works. Bonnard preferred to work from memory and, like the impressionists, used colour rather than line to suggest form and volume. His works culminate into an emotive and idyllic aesthetic which, as history tells us, places him as one of the most individual painters of the post-impressionist movements.

  • Until July 19th Mus?e D?Orsay
  • 1 Rue de la L?gion d’Honneur, 75007
  • Metro Line 12 solf?rino RER Line C Mus?e D?Orsay


2. Mona Hatoum at Pompidou Centre

Mona Hatoum is a Lebanese born Palestinian contemporary artist whose installation and video work explores violence, separation and imprisonment. This monograph exhibition focuses on Hatoum?s most celebrated art making and her interdisciplinary inclinations. Indeed, her provocative body of work of over one hundred pieces questions the audiences take on the increasingly contradictory and strange world we inhibit. Hatoum?s visceral and confronting work not only shakes complacency but alludes to political tension in the Middle East, which to this day still retains significance in her art.

  • 24 June ? 28 September
  • Centre Pompidou, Place Georges Pompidou
  • Rambuteau Line 11 Les Halles Line 1, 4, 7, 11


3. Anish Kapoor at Ch?teau de Versailles

versaille paris 2015 art exhibition

Exhibiting at Versailles is one of the greatest honours an artist can receive- Anish Kapoor?s metaphysical and adventurous sculptures make the best of the stunning historic environs. Concerned with the dualities of reality, imagination and vision, Kapoor?s work doesn?t require a political or straight forward response- rather he invites the viewer into a deeper sense of thinking, perhaps even a genuine attempt to ascertain the sublime.

  • Until September 1
  • Note- the exhibition is free, except when the musical fountain show is on (Tuesdays and weekends)
  • Chateau de Versailles, RER line C Versailles Rive Gauche


4. Le Corbusier at Centre Pompidou

As a pioneer of modern architecture Le Corbusier had a huge influence on urban planning and sought to improve the living conditions of cities, based upon utopian ideals. This exhibition offers a clearer, more concise retrospect to Corbusier?s 50 year career, who has been well represented in other exhibitions before. Featuring a diverse range of architectural drawings, a collection of Corbusier?s paintings and sculptures are also on display to further convey the architect?s creative process.

  • Until August 3
  • Centre Pompidou, Place Georges Pompidou Rambuteau
  • Line 11 Les Halles Line 1, 4, 7, 11


5. Beaut? Congo at Foundation Cartier

The Foundation Cartier is a fabulous exhibition space for contemporary artists, from July 11 the foundation will look at Congolese art from the 1920s until now. Principally focused on painting, this exhibition provides an insightful perspective on Congolese politics and post colonialism in Africa- a rare, but very much welcome treat in the Parisian art scene.

  • July 11 – November 15
  • Foundation Cartier, 261 Boulevard Raspail 75014
  • Metro line 4 Raspail


6. Henry Darger at Mus?e d?Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris

Henry Darger at Mus?e d?Art Moderne

This Exhibition of Henry Darger?s work follows a recent donation of over 45 works from the artist?s estate, combined with works from other institutions. Darger was an introverted American artist whose wild surrealistic illustrations accompanied his opus Realms of the Unreal ? a decades long literary piece which recounts a tale of war and rebellion. Darger was completely self-taught and has become an icon of Outsider Art, a movement of artistic expression which isolated itself from accepted culture.

  • May 29 ? October 11
  • Mus?e d?Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, 11 avenue du Pr?sident Wilson
  • 75116 , Metro Alma-Marceau or I?na
  • RER C Pont de l’Alma


7 . Patrick Neu at palais de Tokyo

Palais de Tokyo has an overtone of pretention and recent exhibitions have been lacking in substance. However we have high hopes for Patrick Neu, whose works, especially his glass work, evidence his exploration of world memory and past. Neu looks back at characters from the great Flemish painters, Bosch, Holbein, Rubens, and challenges traditional practice by using crystal glass and soot. The smoky, transparent effect is a definitely a successful one.

  • Palais de Tokyo, 3 Avenue du Pr?sident Wilson, 75116
  • Metro Alma-Marceau or I?na
  • RER C Pont de l’Alma


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