Wine and Cheese in Paris: Your Perfect Paris Box

The concept of boxes aren’t new are they I mean we’ve seen it all (or just about) and here I am to say that well we could use another one; well sort of. I’ve worked on creating a welcome box to Paris for some time now – and in the end, I’ve ditched the box idea for a bag. It’s just more practical and reusable.

The Welcome to Paris bag is a bag that’s full of the essentials to enjoy on your next trip to Paris, hand selected and hand delivered.

It includes a bottle of wine, cheeses, fresh baguette and a specially designed 2017 Map of Paris for the foodie traveller who loves living like a local, a beauty product, Paris postcard (and another surprise goodie !).

Over the years of planning a lot of weddings (here) and writing for you guys on My Parisian Life blog, I get most excited with sharing where are the best places to eat, get wines, cheese, pastries of exceptional french quality of everything. After 10 years of living in Paris – I’ve eaten my way through this city and am proud to share my love of food, travel and people here on the blog.

Paris Foodie Bag

The bag is a collection of all these experiences: great food, souvenir and convenience of having it all hand delivered to you here in Paris.

Paris food box - bag


A true taste of France; Local french cheese and wine – hand picked and hand delivered

Inside the Welcome to Paris BAG

A curated selection of products that we love for the foodie traveler coming to Paris. You’ll find a seasonal wine, cheeses, trendy souvenir, post card and our very own paper map of the best local Paris spots to discover.

We welcome you at a set location upon your arrival to Paris, so you can enjoy right away a relaxing night as you unpack or day you can take the bag out to picnic.

Perfect if you’re looking for a convenient and authentic taste of Paris.

All in a reusable canvas bag.

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The My Parisian Life bag is made by the team at the blog of the same name. We love food a whole lot! After almost a decade of writing about food, we are foodies – but not food snobs. We just appreciate quality food that leads to memorable experiences!

But often find that many of our friends visiting Paris had no idea what was actually quality packaged with pretty labels and excessive pricing, or cheap products that taste so bad you’ve never had the real thing.

Now you don’t have to get stuck not knowing what wine, cheese or other French products to buy once you arrived in Paris.

We’ve gone from shop to shop to make a welcome bag for a friend – and that friend is you.

You’ll also receive 2 wine glasses, paper towels, cutlery – so perfectly ready for a picnic.

And just so you don’t have to stress too much about finding a nice souvenir we’ve included one in the bag. Not the typical ones you’ll find on all the streets around Paris.


Discover the Bag for 69 euros

Inside you’ll find:

* A traditional baguette bread (fresh-baked that day)

* A selection of French cheeses (that pairs well with the wine)

* A bottle of accompanying Wine

* A special curated 2019 best of Paris paper Map

*A selection of French Jams or Tea

* A beauty/ French Pharmacy discount card 10%

* 2 Vintage French Post cards or Coasters

* A canvas bag to keep all your goodies



How it works

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  3. We (hand) Deliver


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the 2019 Paris Foodie Bag

The 2019 Paris Foodie Bag enjoyed along the Seine River with Jay ( seeVIDEO HERE)

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