Jobs in Paris: a little help s’il vous plait!

Hi guys!


I need your help if you’re here in Paris. As some of you may know in addition to this blog I’m a mommy and an event planner. It’s been a wonderful experience to be able to work and parenting in Paris, ?but I’m about to go bust!


I’ve been trying without sucess to find an assistant and babysitter (two seprate positions) at the same time and I thought you all know me from the blog so why not ask here 🙂


If you’re a student looking for a part-time babysitting gig or an internship in event planning (my company is or what to collaborate in any way on the blog (here) feel free to send me an email at myparisianlife(at)


Babysitter/ Tutor needed from June for a 9 year old bilingual boy.

Must be availible ?in the evenings.


Assistant ?needed ASAP ?!

Must be an English speaking native and able to write well. Dynamic and proactive. Strong customer s?rvice experience welcomed!


Oh lordy ?!!! help me out. Je vous aime!!!!





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  • Reply May 4, 2017


    Hello Yanique,

    I sent you an email regarding this post a little while back. Did you received it? Or has the position been filled already?


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