HOTEL GIVEAWAY: Paris Boutik Hotel “Grocery Store”

Today I wanted to tell you guys about this amazing new concept hotel that’s just launched this month in Paris. It’s basically a renovated grocery shop (mouth drop!) that has been turned into a boutique hotel in the cool Bastille neighborhood of Paris.  Almost a 2 minutes walk from the hub metro Gare de Lyon train station; a lovely neighborhood that’s really close to a lot of a well-known restaurants and up and coming places to eat and wander 


I had the opportunity to check out the hotel last week and I wanted to share the story, some photos and offer a wonderful giveaway to a lucky reader!

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On the 14th of July we’re giving away a 2 night stay 2 two lucky travelers visiting Paris, to celebrate the opening and Bastille day!

UPDATED: You will have the option to choose your two nights. 

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All you have to do is to make sure that you’re following the (1) Paris Boutique Instagram account as well as the (2) myparisianlife Instagram accounts (3) Tag in your travel buddy and the winner will be announced the beginning of July.

Paris Boutik Hotel Website

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A little bit about the hotel:


A sister boutique hotel to the Marais Library Boutique – and with the same fun and attention to detail in the decor and surroundings.

The hotel is on a quite street separated in two floors – and includes a living area, kitchen, bedroom bathroom with bathtub,  and it has lots of light coming.

One thing I really like about the spaces the way that they designed it where you feel that even though being surrounded by all this food stuff you can still relax and because the bedroom is downstairs it’s easy to retreat to some intimacy. 

dsc_0066 dsc_0077

There’s a really cool glass ceiling from the upstairs living area that lets natural light in to the bedroom downstairs.

Remember the second location is in the Marais that we’ve already reviewed . so I’m super excited to be doing the second give away and am excited to see you guys here in  Paris.


  • La Table d’Aligre – 11, place d’Aligre 75012 Paris
  • Tondo –29 rue de Cotte 75012 Paris
  • Le Square Trousseau – 1, rue Antoine Vollon 75012 Paris
  • Marche d’Aligre – Place d’Aligre, 75012 Paris


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