(Paris Photos) La Maison Ruinart with Liu Bolin at Grand Palais, Galerie Sud-Est

I had the pleasure of discovering Ruinart’s latest collaboration with Liu Bolin at Grand Palais.  “Reveal the Invisible”

It was on the 9th of March 2018.  I love the majestic feel of the Grand Palais and think it lends well to any artistic endeavors. Without knowing really what to expect I ventured up the stairs to see my host waiting in a painted face mask and my booklet of the exhibition. I wandered around in what felt like a playful mase.

Scenes of bright colors and light hues where every corner, with small rooms, made bigger with double facing mirrors to magnify the impact.

Bolin has a way of painstakingly having fun. On one hand, I mean it looks so tedious as most art is, but then it looks like so much fun being camouflaged as Art decor French windows or getting lost in a green Ruinart vineyard.

Some photos below take us through some of the artist work known for disappearing in plain sight.


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