Sain Boulangerie: The New Favorite Parisian Bakery along the Canal

sain bakery paris

SAIN boulangerie is a new bakery close to the Canal Saint Martin area in Paris. Anthony Courteille, the owner is no newbie of the Parisian food scene. As at this exact location he was the chef for the well known a restaurant Matière À (where he would also make his own bread back then!)

Fast forward a few years and it’s no surprise that this chef (who was actually trained as a baker) has opened his own bakery at 15 Rue Marie et Louise !

Don’t expect to find your typical baguette here !

However, what you’ll find is a perfectionist approach to making bread that is low in gluten but uses a lot of old recipes for making bread’s that are easy to digest and simply delicious.

While I was at the bakery close to closing hours late in the evening – a lady came in somewhat disappointed that he had sold out of his Chausson Au Pomme. Anthony later told me that this seems to be a favorite so far. I heard the young lady even made a request to have a pick up early in the morning before she went to work!

The decor of the bakery leaves nothing to the imagination you can see the hard work in the process that goes into being a bakery that specializes in artisanal bread as we’re immediately wowed by the size of the baking machines as we make your order at the cash register. 

Address: 15 Rue Marie et Louise, 75010 Paris

Telephone : 07 61 23 49 44


Saturday7:30AM–2:30PM, 4:30–8PM
Tuesday7:30AM–2:30PM, 4:30–8PM
Wednesday7:30AM–2:30PM, 4:30–8PM
Thursday7:30AM–2:30PM, 4:30–8PM
Friday7:30AM–2:30PM, 4:30–8PM

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