Coronavirus in Paris: Life in Quarantine

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Last night french Prime Minister announced the new additions to the already in progress lockdown and “social distancing” here in Paris.

I’m sending you love and light.
This has been a trying yet uplifting time with so much love, unity and oneness we will never again be the same (hopefully) as to not see how we are all connected and so fragile. Such a big shift for us all.

Trying because we are having a health and economic crisis at the same time, that’s been previously unseen ( I work in the travel industry my losses are unprecedented – like many other entrepreneurs !) and people are afraid of this unknown virus.

So much has happened and so fast that I’ll do my best to write the way things unfolded for me in chronological order.
– On Friday we were told that we will take the children out of school for 2 weeks. Home school them to cut back on virus spread. Gatherings over 1000 are banned. 

– On Saturday night while I was out, we were told that all Bars; Cafes; restaurants and “non -essential” shops must close. Gatherings over 100 are banned.

– On Sunday I go to the supermarket to find that we did have Toilet paper – but we are out of Flour and Pasta (also during this time some Parisians didn’t understand that social-distancing meant not going to hang out in Buttes Chaumont and Le Monde newspaper wrote an article on the narcissism of the young!) 

– On Monday I went out to do my last bit of shopping after receiving some WhatsApp messages that we will go into a deeper lockdown – with photos of French military tanks #fakenews ?  Ran into a friend and we did the Coronavirus bisous ; greeting each other by kicking our feet together instead of the traditional french bisous. we laughed about how this may be the end of times and that she and a lot of corporate folks had already gotten emails to say they should stay home and work from home. I got about a week’s worth of food. Police were out controlling all the stores that were open that were “non-essential”

– On Monday night, this the same night the President announced that borders will close and that we have a mandatory 15 days lockdown that may last longer and that we will be only allowed supermarket and pharmacy visits. He mentioned not once but 6 times that “we are at war” and that we must stay home and away from each other to really beat this virus.

– On Tuesday morning for some (Monday night for me), we get a text message from the government with our new civic duties and liberties (aka stay home!) ; +mandatory paper whenever you leave the house. 

So I’m home like many of you my friends – staying safe and hoping that we can keep the coronavirus numbers down that have been overwhelming the population and medical professionals. Hoping that we can get more connected. Hoping we can all shift up together.

To follow the daily updates I do a 4 pm Paris time Live video on IGTV

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