Soya, Paris: A Vegetarian Delight

Vegetarian restaurants in Paris – up until now have been a pretty hard concept to take off here.
But thanks to one of my good vegetarian friends, I’m discovering some of the best vegetarians spots to eat in Paris.

SOYA PARIS Vegetarian restaurant

The Vegetable Stew with Tempeh

As we entered Soya on a Tuesday night, we were greeted by a group of twenty something Kinfolk looking people sitting to our left on outdoor canteen type benches, and a couple to our right, and the baggy pants wearing tiny waiter rushing over to seat us. We said our bonjours, smiled and told him we’d made reservations. He couldn’t find it and agitatedly told us to sit at the bench directly in front the door.

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And sat we did. As my eyes began to take snapshots of the interiors, I realized that I loved the industrial feel of the place – much like a factory canteen, very minimalist, but with rustic old pulley iron machines hanging and a view of the open kitchen from where we sat.

A few seconds later, we launched immediately into girl talk, like we always do, ignoring to even look at the menu and this pissed the waiter off as he came over twice before we could order. we laughed so hard the couple next to us where obviously a bit disturbed by our loudness. We didn’t care. And laughed some more.

Two of us took the “special du jour” which was some kind of vegetable stew with Tempeh, as was very eloquently described in English by our French waiter; who must have over heard us saying that the people serving here where not very “chaleureux” , meaning that they where as warm as a block of ice. He was now smiling and attentive, possibly in an attempt to be more “chaleureux”.

G had Vegetable Lasagna, that S and I were constantly picking at during the course of both of our Stew Tempeh. Both dishes were to die for, as vocal as we can get when talking about men, we do the same for food, and would often erupt in “Oh My God”, “Wow” and “Mais c’est tellement bon” from time to time.

We later shared a Moelleux chocolat with Amandes and a Blueberry cake. We literary couldn?t talk after this, we we’re too stuffed, and satisfied.

Soya was a treat, we enjoyed the food, the service was ok, and as usual we chowed down.

Great place to go as a couple, with friends our take your out-of-town vegetarian visitors.

Address: Soya, Paris.
20 Rue Pierre Lev?e, 75011 Paris
01 48 06 33 02

METRO: Goncourt (Line 11) OR Parmentier (Line 3)


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