Dirty Dick – Paris Tiki Bar Pigalle

South Pigalle (or SoPi as I affectionately call it) is getting a name as one of the coolest areas in the north of Paris.

New to the ranks is a raunchy little tropical themed bar called Dirty Dick, which doesn?t live up to its name. Thank heavens, right!

If you like palm trees, bartenders in Hawaiian shirts and brightly painted walls of vintage pin-up mermaids you will like this new trendy spot.
The music is tiki, the drinks are huge and the ambiance inside is quite chill (on the night I visited with friends for the 4th of July). We had a little fire works show from the bartenders.

tiki bar paris review dirty dick
This tiki bar is a bit surreal; think talking Miami Vice meet Golden Girls on E.
Mes copines sank down into those vintage looking love-seats and they all started gulping from very long straws a shared humongous cocktail! I’m not a germophobe, but (1) I don’t like alcohol that much and (2) I don’t like other people’s saliva in my drinks. Sorry!

While I propped on one of the very high bar stools, seeing the cake sparklers I drifted away thinking to myself “Oh lord jeesas it’s a fire!”

No but seriously, those fire sprinkler things are dangerous around alcohol! Being that I was the only one not drinking, I shared my concern solo.

The bartenders were also friendly though. Didn’t feel like I was in Paris at all. All in all a ?different? experience.

Try Dirty Dick. If you’re looking for something a bit more exotic to enjoy with friends – Dirty Dick could be the place to find it. Or if you’re looking for some Tiki music and massive rum based drinks you can find that here too!


NOTE: Credit cards not accepted (yet)

Address: 10 rue Frochot
75009 Paris

Open: Mon-Sun 6 pm – 2 am
Metro: Pigalle (Line 2)
Nearby: Kooka Boora, Chez Moune

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