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If you’re looking for a decent bon bo in Paris you can eat one here in Montmartre in a tiny restaurant on the foot of Sacre Coeur: Colline D’Asie. The prices are cheap and average around 7 Euros per plate for a Pho soup or Bun Bo. There aren’t many places you can eat in Paris on a budget of under 10 Euros! Check our my other post for

Not a great place for a large group of people (only around 5 tables inside). As it’s a little mom-and-pop place the service is very friendly but can be a bit slow. You place your order and can grab your own drink from the fridge out front, the usual choices of water, juice, sodas and beers.
The mix of people are quite diverse, from the starving artist to the well to do couple who live in the neighborhood.

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Cheap vietnamese in Paris in the Montmartre

The bun bo I had was good, but not great. I’ve had better here and here. We were walking for a bit and wanted something to eat quickly that was close to home. The noodles a bit too soggy. But it might have been a bad day. I’ve had worse though, but I’ve also had better. Nothing beats the price and the chill atmosphere though.

I took a look at the tiny kitchen and was a bit grossed out by all the stacked up dirty plates but no one else ever seemed to mind. I think the fact that they don’t hire help gets a bit overwhelming for them when the place is packed.

Nearby: Halle Saint Pierre, APC Surplus (Stock), La Chope du Chateau Rouge, No Problemo and Sacre Coeur.

Address – Colinne D’Asie Restaurant
21 rue Andr? del Sarte, 75018 Paris, France
01 55 79 16 82

OPEN until 11PM.


Metro: Anver,Ch?teau Rouge or Barb?s – Rochechouart
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