Expert Advice: Best Beer Bars in Paris

Nichole Paris Beer Expert

Tasting Nitch author, Nicole Richardson

Paris is slowly making a name for itself in the craft beer world. And with the 2nd Annual Paris Beer Week?around the corner what better time to round up a little beer guide. ?On this occasion we had a little “tete a tete” aka chit chat with Paris’ beer expert and expat Nicole Richardson about some of her best bar locations in the french capital. ?She’s the author of the?beer blog Tasting Nitch.?? A map follows at the end of the article!

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Photography by Yanique Francis

1. A la bi?re comme ? la bi?re

What seems like a little island beer shop has somehow made home in the Montmartre area of Paris. But don’t let the “irie” colors mislead you – they have a large selection of more than just tropical beers.

?It’s a bottle shop – chill location – with cool people.

Address:?20 Rue Custine, 75018 Paris Phone:09 52 80 59 14


2. Le Trois 8

We’ve long heard of Le Trois 8 from the mouth of beer lovers in Paris, but now we’re hearing about the great cheese and sausage platters they have to nibble on from foodie too!

Rock and roll bar , great people, great atmosphere, great selection rotating knowledgeable people but it’ not pretentious?beer world – it’s actually kind of a gay bar even.

Address:?11 Rue Victor Letalle, 75020 Paris
Phone:?01 40 33 47 70

3. A l’Express de Lyon

The oldest of them all, this family run bar has been around since 1928!

Close to Gare de lyon – “vrai” brasserie, they have craft beer but you can also find “shitty stuff”.

Real traditional brasserie kitchen, the chef is really cool, its big and open early in the morning until late of night.

Address:?1 Rue de Lyon, 75012 Paris
Phone:?01 43 43 21 32

4. Le Supercoin

Also in the 18th Arr, this bar has a very small space but great atmosphere.

Local chill – kind of dive bar – they don’t really serve food, but there is pizza place across and you can bring you pizza from there which is nice.

Address:?3 Rue Baudelique, 75018 Paris
Phone:09 50 07 04 90

5. La Fine Mousse

Considered one of the best for french micro brews.

The beer selection is really good.

Address:?6 Avenue Jean Aicard, 75011 Paris
Phone:?09 80 45 94 64

Nicole runs Tasting Nitch: a cultural beer blog based on her drinking habits in Paris. Facebook Website She is also 1/2 of Parasites ?with Chef Mardi Hartzog You can also meet her during Paris Beer Week (May 22 to 31 2015) ?- where she’ll be judging the amateur Brewer Competition. ? ? ?

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