Free Concerts in Paris: The Music Lover’s Guide

Where to find concerts in Paris?

Summertime in Paris is synonymous with free concerts. Things kick off the first day of summer with the F?te de la Musique, and continue strong in July with free concerts virtually every weekend. But summer is also the time for lazy strolls around the city, picnics in the park and open-air film festivals. With so much going on, you may not have the time to check out all of the free music shows taking place this summer. Or maybe you won?t even be in Paris until later in the year. Either way, not to fear, I?ve got you covered. Here are five ways to enjoy free music in Paris any time of the year.


Lylo: The Ultimate Music Resource

If you ask a longtime Parisian where to go to find out about the latest concerts happening in the city, most will direct you to Lylo, an online guide for concerts in Paris and Ile-de-France. The site features music for all tastes, with listings for jazz, classical, rock, hip-hop concerts and more. The best part? Simply click on ?concerts gratuits? and you?ll get all of the listings for free concerts taking place on any day of the week. You can even filter your search results by music type.

Radio France Concerts

Each year, French public radio provider Radio France organizes more than 150 concerts that are free to attend, including live rehearsals and public recordings. Check the Radio France website for information about upcoming recordings.

FNAC Showcases

Now in its fifth year, FNAC Live is an annual summer music event held in front of the H?tel de Ville in the center of Paris. This year?s event, which took place from July 15th to July 18th, featured more than thirty free concerts held over four days. But FNAC Live isn?t the only time of year when the retail giant organizes concerts that are free to the public. Different FNAC stores in Paris regularly hold free showcases featuring both well-known artists and rising stars. This year has already seen free performance from artists like Selah Sue and Charlie Winston, and more artists are sure to be showcased throughout the rest of the year.


Free concert at Auber

Bar and Caf? Concerts

Another option for free music is to take advantage of the free shows that are regularly offered in a variety of bars and cafes throughout the city. La Bellevilloise is a well-known cultural and arts center that often holds free concerts in its caf?-restaurant La Halle aux Oliviers. Another option is Les Disquaires, a small bar near Bastille that offers free soul, jazz and hip-hop concerts. If you?re going out for drinks or dinner with friends, why not enjoy a free show at the same time.


Church Concerts

Many churches and cathedrals in Paris regularly hold free classical music concerts, often on a weekly or monthly basis. Here is a list of churches offering free concerts:


So there you have it, five ways you can enjoy music in Paris for free.? Are you planning on attending any free concerts this summer or beyond??

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