Bars in Paris – La Petite Chaufferie

In Paris we’re always complaining ?how hard it is to mingle and meet locals, the French are known for being a bit hard to crack, except when alcohol is involved! So one of my advice is to get out and hang where the French are; La Petite Chaufferie is perfect for this.
Cosy organic Bar that keeps a?chill local vibe mixing finger food and rotating Djs.
The local spot was created with friends in mind for friends to have a place to hang out and drink organic wines, craft beers and artisan produce
.Diis la petite chaufferie paris
?inside la petite chaufferie bar bio craft la petite chaufferie bar paris
It’s very popular for the afterwork crowd – any day of the week it’s typically packed.?
La Petite Chaufferie has a yummy cheese platter?for 11 euro (big enough to share for 3 people!) – it’s filling and they will give you more bread if you just ask.
Beers average around 6 euros.
If you go when DJ Diis Paradis is playing the crowd is usually a nice ?mix with locals and foreigners.

La Petite Chaufferie – Check?their?FACEBOOK for updates..?

Address:?32 Rue de l’?chiquier, 75010 Paris

Open : 12noon to 2pm and 6pm to 2am?

Metro: Bonne Nouvelle (line 8 and 9

Phone:01 45 23 91 55

Map it:

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