Burgers in Paris: Little Cantine near odeon

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There is an abundance of gourmet burger shops throughout Paris. In my humble?opinion?one of the best is Little?Cantine. Located in the fifth district, not far from Od?on metro station (Saint-Germain-des-Pres and?the Latin Quarter area). they take?the skill of burger making to the next level. There are several delicious burgers to?choose from on their menu, my personal favourite being ?The Frenchy? which?comes with Camembert cheese and amazing walnut chutney.

Every little?ingredient adds to the great lip-smacking taste, including the glazed buns and
fresh salad fillings.



To top off this mouth watering meal, make sure you try their
homemade French fries and worship the aioli dipping sauce they come with.

You might believe that hamburgers belong on the menu at McDonald?s, only to be
consumed as a hangover cure after a big night out. Burgers are traditionally seen
as unhealthy options for when you?re strapped for cash and time, but trendy new
gourmet burger shops are popping up all over the world, especially in Paris. Where young and trendy want what they want. Fast food is undeniably apart of our global culture now.

little cantine paris odeon metro good burger

I?know you?re asking how a culinary capital such as Paris could embrace
something as culturally deprived as the hamburger, but it seems they are
becoming an art form, and what better city than Paris to start the renaissance of
the burger. We’ve seen the increase of fast food with the increase of food trucks and annual street food festivals, such as the ones this past year at Carreau du Temple and another at Wanderlust.
As well as being a cool burger spot, Little Cantine is also a bakery, with
fresh brownies, cookies and muffins equally as scrumptious as their hamburgers.

Little Cantine is perfect for a big appetite, and the perfect place to find the real
potential of?hamburgers?with a group of?friends.
Address: ?Little Cantine

51 Rue des Ecoles, 75005, Paris
Metro: Od?on Line 4
Closed on Mondays.

Tuesday to Saturday 12.00pm ? 10.30pm
Sunday 12.00pm ? 9.00pm

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Average?price 15 Euros (starter + Main + dessert)

*Photos taken by Simona Ivkovic





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