Coffee in Paris: Institut Bonte 84 Quai de Jemmapes, 75010 Paris

Accidentally stopped into this little rustic chic spot to have?a?coffee, Institut Bonte. It’s also seems perfect for a night out at the bar close to Canal St. Martin, on Quai de Jemmapes.
Having never noticed this spot before – we went in because it was beside Le Comptoir General and I thought ?”oh what’s this here?” – little was I prepared for the warm welcome from the Barista that invited us to cool down with one of the three types of home-made flavored water (for free!).


Oui merci!

I then asked “well it’s not clear what you guys offer, from outside as there is no sign”. ?”Actually it’s a part of our aesthetics philosophy to not have a sign”


I was worried this would be one of those places that acted too cool for school – or as some others call; hipster heaven. ?But it wasn’t (well, not totally!). I’d actually consider myself a hipster (even though I don’t have the thick trendy glasses nor cuffed up paints showing too much ankle …hahahaha). Such a bad stereotype but count resist!

She went right into telling us about how she loves the teas, they had so many different varies! Perfect for you Tea Lovers!



We took the time to relax from an afternoon stroll that had been a bit too long (there’s just to see in this area in between Republique and Gare de L’Est!) with kids.

Some other folks were having coffee, sitting on stools by the glass wall that overlooks the canal, and I took the time to take some photos to share here.



On the menu

Coffee was 2.50 euros

Breakfast for around 7 euros you get a buffet of croissant, tartine?(toast with jam) and fresh juice.

Brunch is typically priced at around 23 euros for Paris (didn’t try it yet!).



A rustic chic decor is super cosy and inspirational for you instagramers 🙂




The ++?

There is also Wi-fi and you can’t beat the location if you’re discovering paris in a group – they have enough seating space for you. Sundays along the Qaui de Jemmapes is good place to wander around for street art, restaurants and other coffee shops.


Near by:?

Holybelly, Ten Belles, Comptoir General, Siseng, Cafe Sesame


Find them here: ?

Address: 84 Quai de Jemmapes, 75010 Paris


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Open: ?everyday from 8am to 10pm

Map it:?

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