Halloween in Paris, the best of what to do with the kids

halloween in paris boneshaker paris donutsTo?much of our surprise, Halloween is a non-event in France.?Paris even though an international city and somewhat of a melting pot of cultures, have few places to even get costumes and celebrate the holiday.?

Lucky for you, here are some “bon plans” aka tips on how to enjoy the trick or treat season with your family in Paris.

TRICK OR TREAT (My childhood back story!)

When I was a kid in the US , I have to say that one of the best holidays to celebrate for me?was Halloween. First and foremost even though there was so much stress and excitement about choosing the best costumes, I really also enjoyed the decorations. The endless rows of pumpkins and witches hats that adorn the stores.

Third, and clearly the most important was the mountain of candy that was at stake!??

Planning the route and the neighborhoods that you will hit. The more experienced kids in the neighborhood would say “I heard that THAT house over there gives out kind size candy bars” or when it was late and kids were running around like crazy to the houses that started giving out dollar bills because they had run out of candy.? You would trick-or- treat until you were too cold to keep on going, or your mom thought it was too late to be out because it was a school night.? Then you would run home and dump out the 10 pounds of candy in the living room and count every single piece, separating them into different categories, chocolate, lolli pops, hard candy, a pile for trades with the junky candy, and the dreaded piece of fruit from the old lady down the street who apparently doesn’t know the meaning of Halloween…Then eating 3-5 pieces of candy each day until Christmas or when your dad made you throw it out because “you’ve had enough”.

Now that we have kids, I couldn’t wait to share it with them.?


The American Library is hosting their Annual Halloween Extravaganza.? They organized trick-or-treating with the local businesses, various activities for the young and young at heart, and even a haunted house.? Everything takes place on Saturday !? Check out their site for more information.


Boneshaker Doughnuts

The tiny but delicious donut shop has organized trick-or-treating around their neighborhood. Stop by the shop to find out what businesses are participating and don’t forget to try a pumpkin donut (limited edition for the season!), or indulge in a chocolate sprinkle treat!

(photo above)


Disneyland Paris

Last but not least, how can you miss celebrating Halloween at the happiest place on earth (France version).? Disneyland Paris is celebrating with a special Halloween promotion, visit 2 parks for the price of 1!? The offer ends November 2nd, so hurry! You can book the tickets that include a pickup from Paris via bus with Paris City Vision trips.?

Happy Halloween in Paris !!!

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