To start the year off in grand coffee style in Paris – our next meet-up is at the freshly brewed little cafe on Rue Faubourg du Temple, called Cafe Mareva.

There are so many great coffee shops now in Paris and I thought it would be perfect if we discovered a new one?together. So come on out to Cafe Mareva where the?focus is on healthy (mostly dairy free) food in Paris and really good coffee (from the cool guys at Belleville Bruleries).


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A little bit about the place: When the owner, Mareva found out she was intolerant to dairy, it was so hard to find tasty food and pastries that tasted “normal” she says. ?So she set out on a journey that was life changing – by doing evening school and apprenticeship in some of Paris pastry shops to learn making pastries that tasted great and would fit in her lifestyle.


The food will actually “taste good”; sweet ?and savory items, with the usual (pastryshop) suspects like Paris Brest and quiches. But some international fusion will be in the mix too, like hazelnut waffles, with a recipe she developed specially for cafe.

All made with a focus on high protein and low carb too, because Mareva is really into sports.

So if you’re a runner or rather athletic this place is probably be right up your alley.


As usual it’s an opportunity for us to meet and chat about Life in Paris, meet other foodie lovers and just have a “decontracter” ?aka “relaxed” .

My Parisian Life blog is dedicated to helping you all have the best Parisian life! So come on over to the fun side!


  • Time: 3pm
  • January 20th 2017
  • Cafe Mareva
  • Facebook
  • Address: 38 Rue du Faubourg du Temple
  • Map it:

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