O Coffeeshop: 23 Rue de Lourmel, 75015 Paris

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O coffee shop in Paris used to be a coffee pop-up serving speciality coffee in and around some of Paris more established third wave spots. But since over a few weeks now the two man team has finally planted their feet and coffee machine close to the iconic Eiffel tower in the Beaugrenelle neighborhood of Paris.

Yes that’s right you can now get really good coffee in paris in the 75015 neighborhood thanks to these dudes!

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Get off the metro at Dupleix, line 6 and walk a bout 5 minutes down Rue Lourmel and you’ll smell some …no not coffee …Poulet Roti! hahaha, that’s right the sign of a truly good Parisian family street is when you can smell the roasted chicken from the butchers. Sigh.

But then, just out of no where you’ll see this nicely new looking place that as one women who said beside me said in french – it’s so inviting. And that it is.



Decor?+ vibes – cosy beach vibe with hanging surf boards, marble table tops, lots of cushioned seating by the two massive window walls. And a slab along the wall in the second room is perfectly reachable by stool (and makes a good space to connect on your wi-fi and work on your laptop if need be.

The window signage was on point from the peeps at Mo Signs – they’ve been doing some pretty impressive lettering for some of Pari’s best cafes too.

Folks – a mix of everybody from the local older french couple who came in with their dog to the younger visiting americans. Both a mixture of english and french will feel at home here as one owner is Australian (Mathew) and the other French (Timothee).

Food – Lunch of the day was the yummy?creamy Celery Parmesan soup with turmeric, with a soft-boiled egg and topped with a toasted parmesan crisp.?Followed by a flat white of course and a Toasted Banana Bread – importance on the “toasted” here because theirs warm crunchy exteriors made so much more of a yummy bread!

The coffee is from the Belleville Brulleire gang – this one was from Costa Rica

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o coffee shop paris

Overall two thumbs up coffee shop vibes and the food is spectacular.?

  • To get an idea of the prices:
  • espresso – 2.50 eu
  • flat white – 4 eu
  • filtered coffee 3.50 eu
  • Tea – 4.50 eu
  • Cake – banana bread 4 eu, Brownie 4 eu, Pain perdue 3.50 eu

I went in the very first weeks – so the menu may change – be sure to follow theirFacebook page for ?more up to date details.


O Coffee Shop?

Open Monday to Friday 7.30 am to 5.30 pm // Saturday 8.30 am to 6.30 pm

Address: 23 rue de Lourmel 75015

Metro: Line 6 – Dupleix

Map it:?

???where to eat close to eiffel tower


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