No trip to Paris would be complete without a night out at dinner. And when we talk about eating out we don’t mean at just the hip and trendy spots, we’re talking about some of the best local joints that will have you rubbing elbows with locals, drinking great natural wines and even taking about the difference between a regular baguette and a tradition baguette that you get in the better restaurants (a little bit thicker and crunchier).

This year in 2016, we ate out a lot – rivre droit and rivre gauche – c’est vrai! So it was super hard to make this list. But here goes, we think you’ll love the list of some old classics and new bistronomy restos.

MARTIN – Boire et Manger Paris

hands down, forks up. One of the best city restaurants. With a menu that’s always changing and? affrontably affordable for the impeccable craftsmanship, care, and quality– there was a time I didn’t dare go elsewhere. The wine and beer list is long, the staff attractive and ludique. If you’re not eating mussels in a coriander broth with Chinese chills, brussel sprouts in konabusho and tannato, a red cabbage salad with pecans and pecorino, shepard’s pie, lamb and hummus– have a drink, buzz around the terrace and come back for Easter supper of roast beast.

Address: 24 Boulevard du Temple, 75011 Paris


Vegetarian Restaurant Paris SALT


The soul of Salt is fresh. They create a new menu daily depending on the market, green to this world as it is green on the plate. Eighty percent vegetable twenty percent sustainable fish and game. The presentation is as pretty as a rose garden picnic; deserts in flower crowns, leeks like supine serpents waiting to seduce your mouth, nothing in excess except flavor. It is beautiful, healthy, and happening in the 11th.


yanique paris foodie
Kind of coined bistronmie: soulfully traditional and almost woefully well priced. Their menu changes with the rhythm of time but its roots stay secure, though saucy. The atmosphere is sexy, the artichoke steamy, and the windows wide-eyed with all that glitters inside. Le Servan draws a tasteful crowd who appreciates the luxury le gout.

Address: 32 Rue Saint-Maur, 75011 Paris



Boasting the oldest restaurant in Paris title is not for the shoulders, or the wallet, of the waif. Though with an iconic view of Notre dame, pressed duck and million dollar wine cellar it is worth the tower of money it takes. If you want to impress your family, or pretend it is 1790, voyage to the old world, tip your cup, and drink la vie de France.

Address: 15 Quai de la Tournelle, 75005 Paris


via paris select

via paris select

Chez Julien is one of the front-runners of the Belle Epoque. In his culinary crown you will found classic gems such as foie gras with truffle, soft-boiled egg in bacon cream, seabass over mushy peas, brioche with salted caramel, and a side of fresh truffles to add to anything. The opulent specialities of France to enjoy in good company, toasting prosperity.

Address: 1 Rue du Pont Louis-Philippe, 75004 Paris


For heavy metal and heavy eaters. Go get your grouin on. Best ouefs de mayonnaise, second only to les ouefs de mort, the charcuterie unparalleled, and dessert bar. Dessert bar. As one of Thierry Marchand’s spawn expect only the truest Bretagne food and t?tu attitude.The atmosphere is convivial, the wine is home-made, the cider is the best, the bread hails from du pain des id?es.
Address: 8 Rue de Belaunde, 75010 Paris


Trois Fois Plus De Piment

via Guilhem Vellut

Authentic Szechuan worth the wait, or as my Australian friend calls it: f*cking real spice-IN PARIS-mate! Trois Fois first came around XXX and since has developed a cult following. Their dumplings covered in hoisin and peanuts are divine, the Szechuan beef noodle soup, spice level 3, was perfect for me. The staff is patient with all inquiries like, “Do you know Indiana Jones? If I go 5, will this become the end scene from raiders of the lost ark?” I.E. burn off my smug face. Try the dandan noodles if you’re sensitive or order whatever you like spice level zero and tchintao.

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