Pozzetto opens new Italian eatery in the Marais.

Pozzetto paris by Jeroen1Pozzetto (the restaurant*) is a new Italian lunchroom in the Marais that opened in the Fall of 2013. It?s Italian-owned,?all personnel working here is Italian and the food too, no doubt, is 100% Italian. And that means?you?re in good hands, because just like the French, the Italians are absolute purists when it comes to?food. Pozzetto?s slogan, Le plaisir du go?t avant tout (?The pleasure of taste before everything else?),?is well-chosen and they make it come true.

Pozzetto paris by Jeroen

They bake their own rolls, called Rosettes, that you can equip with Parmaham (aged 24 months) or?any other original Italian ham that is hanging in big chunks from a rack above the counter. Then to?this you add a layer of delicacies such as sundried tomatoes, marinated eggplant and rocket salad.?That makes a sandwich of such good quality that your first bite is guaranteed to impress.


*They also sell Italian ice cream (in fact they are known mostly by this store selling only gelato and coffee just?20 meters away at Rue du Roi de Sicile – one of the best ice cream spots in Paris), and there is a variety of different Italian cookies, cakes and?other delicacies on sale throughout the store.

Pozzetto paris by Jeroen2

The interior is done with taste; it?s light, modern and?stylish. There is soft, jazzy music in the background, that occasionally makes way for animated Italian?conversation from the staff. A little Italy in the heart of the Marais.

Practical info


Address:?16 Rue Vieille du Temple, (3rd?Arrondissement)

Tel. 01 42 77 08 64


Metro: Saint-Paul (line 1)

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